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Team India Head Coach Rahul Dravid Contract Ends After ODI World Cup 2023

Team India Head Coach Rahul Dravid Contract Ends After ODI World Cup 2023
Team India Head Coach Rahul Dravid Contract Ends After ODI World Cup 2023

With Rahul Dravid’s contract coming to an end as the head coach of the Indian men’s cricket team, the question has been raised as to who will be the next coach.

Term Ending:

Australia beat India in a thrilling World Cup final to win the title. This defeat has affected the Indian cricketers and fans a lot. Some fans are yet to recover from the defeat of the Indian team.

Similarly, Rahul Dravid, who led the Indian team ahead of the World Cup series this time, also expressed his grief that ‘I could not see my players standing broken by this defeat’. Meanwhile, the question of who will be the next coach of the Indian cricket team has arisen in everyone’s mind. Rahul Dravid has taken over as the head coach of the Indian cricket team after the 2021 T20 World Cup.

Who is the next coach?

After he took charge as the coach, the Indian team played two important matches under his leadership. Accordingly, the Indian team played in the T20 series held in 2022 and the World Cup series held this year. In this case, there are reports that Rahul Dravid’s contract is about to end. Also, it is said that former Indian team player VVS Lakshmanan may be appointed for that role.

Meanwhile, Rahul Dravid spoke to the media after the match yesterday. Then, “We learn lessons from this failure. Of course, like everyone else, you have to go through failure. Such is the life of an athlete. There are both winners and losers in the game. Sometimes sports can be very happy and sometimes very sad. Don’t get sad and stop playing.”

He also said, “Only if we see failure, we will be happy to have greater success.” Similarly, when we decided to build a partnership and take the game to the next stage, we gave away wickets.

Virat Kohli, Jadeja, KL Rahul and others were dismissed at regular intervals. I see that the Indian team scored less than 40 runs. Perhaps the game would have been different if the target had been 280 or 290 runs. ” He said that. “I am not thinking about it at the moment,” said Rahul Dravid when asked if there was a chance for him to continue as a coach.

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