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Tarot Predictions 3 – Dinakaran

Tarot Predictions 3 – Dinakaran
Tarot Predictions 3 – Dinakaran

Astrologer Sivaganesan

Practice is key to mastering any art. Practice teaches us experiences and wonders. All things cannot be learned by reading alone. Study is only the key to knowledge. If we practice it systematically, we can see and feel the techniques and wonders of that art. A tarot fortune teller is sure to be a great guide for someone with a problem.

The well-dissolved tarot cards (78) should be placed in a semi-circle on a pure velvet cloth laid on a table. One should pick up a Tarot troop card with the left hand while concentrating the mind on the questions of the opposite questioner. Depending on the question asked by the questioner, the method of taking the trump cards and giving the result varies.

The symbols and pictures on each tarot card tell the results. The tarot fortune teller will continue to expand on the benefits of saying so. His intuition and experience will help in this. If tarot cards come upside down, it means negative results.

For example: Let’s say we have picked three tarot trump cards for future benefits. The first tarot card represents the past, the second tarot card the present and the third tarot card the future. If Strength is reversed in the first tarot card, then you have lost a lot of good things because of your speed and doubt and ruthlessness.

If the Magician comes on the second card, it can mean that you are striving towards progress with self-awareness at present. Also, the results will show that your thinking is leading you to progress and that you are on your way to success where your talent will give you the full benefit.

If the High Priestess comes in the third card of the tarot card, then your future will be blessed by a Guru, and if you know what’s around you and heal yourself instinctively, the woman will protect you, there is no change in the fact that the advice and solutions will be complete.

The universe tells the tarot fortune teller what each tarot card is supposed to tell you in pictures and what it means in panchabhuta philosophy and which planet that tarot card represents. In tarot cards it can be interpreted that if the ruling planet comes straight it means a positive result and if the same tarot card comes reversed it means a negative result.

Codes in Tarot trump cards

Star Code: It means that the deity will guide you and that you have divine power.

Infinity Code: It means endless. Endless means complete.

Lion Symbol: Meaning signifies personality, leadership and strength.

Angel Code: Kulatheivam or goddess of worship and means woman who comes with good news.

Hill Code: It means great pilgrimage and the need for progress and spirituality.

Sunflower Code: If you follow the leader and travel, it means rise in life.

Moon Sign: It means psychic energy, feminine and motherly.

Cat code: It means the need to keep secret and the need to carry out trickery and protection.

Thus each tarot card and symbol symbolizes little things that mean things to you. Like this, there are many more symbols and paintings on the cards that can tell us many things. Study and practice will bring great benefits.

Saturday and Abraham Lincoln

All the days are ruled by the seven planets. Similarly, the days dominated Abraham Lincoln’s life. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States. The total is seven. It commemorates seven weeks. Abraham Lincoln’s birthday is Sunday. He contested and won the first election on Monday.

He contested and won the presidential election on Tuesday. On Wednesday, he became a member of the American Bar Council. The most famous of his speeches was the ‘Gettysburg’ speech. It was performed on Thursday. He was shot on Friday. It is reported that he died in the hospital on Saturday.

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