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Bill Gates Did Bill Gates Run or Fall? The viral video goes viral

Bill Gates Did Bill Gates Run or Fall? The viral video goes viral
Bill Gates Did Bill Gates Run or Fall? The viral video goes viral

Bill Gates visits the Dirt Shoal Museum in Brussels on November 19, World Toilet Day. In a video shared on Instagram, he can be seen learning the history of Brussels’ sewers, talking to scientists and assessing the city’s sewer system. Brussels’ sewers are a vast network of over 200 miles.

Bill Gates posted the video with the caption, “I learned how Brussels’ sewers work and how this sewage affects the health of the world’s population.” In the 1800s, this sewage was drained into the city’s Seine River. This led to widespread epidemics. Today, Brussels’ sewer system is a network that stretches over 200 miles.

In 2015, Bill Gates launched an event called “Drink Dirty Water” to create awareness among people about the problems of lack of sanitation. In 2016, Bill Gates posted a picture of a smelly toilet pit. ” Bill Gates said the stench was unbearable and it was a mixture of sweat, ammonia and sewage. In 2018, Bill Gates brought toilet waste in a beaker onto the stage during his speech at a toilet expo in Beijing.

Bill Gates is trying to solve many social problems through his ex-wife’s charity foundation “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation”.

Since 2013, the UN has called for November 19 to be observed as World Toilet Day. Toilet Day was first observed by the World Toilet Foundation in 2001. Its aim is to create awareness about human hygiene.’ This year’s Toilet Day theme is ‘Accelerating Change’. It is estimated that 827,000 people die every year in the world due to lack of access to clean water, lack of sanitation and poor personal hygiene.


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