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Don’t release school bus for Navkerala Sadas; Banned High Court

Don’t release school bus for Navkerala Sadas; Banned High Court
Don’t release school bus for Navkerala Sadas; Banned High Court

21st Nov 2023 01:12 PM | Contemporary Malayalam Desk

Kochi: High Court bans release of school bus for Navakerala Sadas. The High Court also ordered that the bus should not be released without the permission of the court. A parent from Kasaragod approached the court against the order of the Director of Public Education.

In the circular issued by the Director of Public Education to the aided school managers and other school authorities, it was suggested to provide school buses from November 18 to December 23 as part of the Navakerala Sadas. Philip Joseph, a native of Kasaragod, approached the High Court stating that this circular was illegal.

Philip’s daughter is a 9th standard student. If the school bus is released as per the demand of the organisers, the functioning of the school and the learning of the children will be affected. Therefore, the petitioner requested the court to intervene in the matter.

According to the Motor Vehicle Act, a school bus can only be used to pick up and drop off children and teachers. The petition also points out that using it for other purposes and carrying people is a violation of the permit rules.

Accepting this argument, Justice Devan Ramachandran ordered that the school bus should not be released to the Navakerala Sadas until further order. The High Court has also asked the government to submit a clear reply on whether the Motor Vehicle Act allows school buses to be released for non-school public events.

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