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‘A gang of green thieves is breaking into houses in broad daylight’ | Sajjala Fire On TDP Gangs

Tadepalli: AP government advisor Sajjala criticized that gang of green thieves are breaking into houses in broad daylight. Sajjala complained to the TDP that the party will not give a damn to the gangs of international thieves. All the people are advised to be alert with the gang of green thieves

A gang of green thieves is attacking the villages. People are being misled by breaking into houses. TDP is well aware of new techniques of cheating. Chandrababu made promises that he had no intention of implementing. They have removed from the website that they will question the implementation of the guarantees. They are violating the election laws by taking the voter ID card. Collecting personal information and violating their privacy. Manifesto is what is given in written form.. and what is it called. Chandrababu is cheating 5 crore people. Chandrababu is telling blatant lies and trying to do vertical exploitation.’ said Duiyabatta.

Counting TDP is tempting. TDP has collected personal data by intruding into the system without permission and with this data TDP can commit any activities like blackmail. Chandrababu is trying to tempt the voters to come to power.

Chandrababu has everything that a man should not have.. This shows how perverted Chandrababu’s thoughts are. The previous TDP government removed the votes to come to power in the hurdles. Sajjala flagged that false stories were written today to mislead people.

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