Revanth Reddy: Oath-taking on 9th December

Revanth Reddy: Oath-taking on 9th December
Revanth Reddy: Oath-taking on 9th December

PCC chief Revanth Reddy said that his aim is to bring Indiramma Rajya in Telangana. He said that on December 9, Congress will take oath at LB Stadium. He spoke at Acchampet House. He said that CPI and Telangana Jana Samithi will support Congress. After liberation from Nizam’s tyrannical rule Ramakrishna Rao was the leader of this Palamuru district bidda burgula and again gave chance to your Nallamala bidda all these years. He said that he was patient when the rowdy Muka Guvwala Balaraju was attacking.

Strike back…

Revanth Reddy called for no further attacks. He said that six guarantees will be implemented when the Congress comes to power. He said that they will be approved in the first cabinet itself. He said that people from all walks of life will be supported. He said that Congress will take decisions to ensure justice for all areas. That is why it is the responsibility of everyone to win the Congress given Telangana state. Even after ten years of Telangana, why did not the industries come to this region? They said they could not bring water. That is why they want to vote for Congress this time. He said that Vamsi Krishna is winning from Achampet with a majority of fifty thousand votes.

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