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YouTuber’s Crazy Stunt: Seven Days of Sajiva Samadhi, Finally…! | MrBeast’s 7-Day Burial Stunt Leaves Him In Mental Agony

For popularity, YouTubers will do anything to prove themselves as daredevils. Recently, a popular YouTuber embarked on a hair-raising adventure similar to Uma Thurman’s character in ‘Kill Bill’. He buried himself alive for seven days. Yes you read that right. He made special arrangements for this spine-tingling stunt. This video has achieved 64 million views within two days.

If you look at the details, Jimmy Donaldson, who is popular as Beast, did this crazy stunt. He stayed underground in a coffin-like box for seven days. He did this stunt with the idea of ​​fooling his 212 million YouTube subscribers. In the end, Babu said to his followers, “Don’t do this because of mental anguish.”

For this feat, he and his friends used an excavator to pour 20,000 pounds of soil over the coffin. “I surrender my life to this coffin for the next seven days.” He said and went inside. But he used a walkie-talkie to communicate with his team above. Being like that for seven days, no matter what you do, is like a word.

It was almost as if he lost his eye. He was very depressed. He could not stand due to blood clots in his legs. Fortunately, no other health problems were encountered. In 2021, he attempted to break the record by being buried alive for 50 hours. Although active on YouTube since 2012, Beast became very popular in 2018. In addition to performing numerous stunts, Donaldson has been in the news for his controversial acts of philanthropy. Collecting money in the name of building 100 wells across Africa to provide clean drinking water to 5 million people has drawn criticism.

He shared a video of the same on YouTube.The beast is slowly lowered into the ground in a transparent coffin with necessary equipment including cameras to record the video. On this occasion, Beast became emotional. He shared details of his daily routine, including the bathroom. At the end of the video, the video ends with seeing the sun after seven days..I can’t describe this experience.

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