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Am I giving a bumper offer to Congress leaders: KTR | Ktr Bumper Offer To Congress Leaders In Telangana On Power

Witness, Sirisilla: BRS Working President and Minister KTR gave a bumper offer to the Congress leaders. Speaking at a road show in Sirisilla Constituency Mustabad, he hurled insults at the Congress. “Congress leaders who say that there is no 24 hours electricity in Telangana.. Come to Mustabad.. Tell me when you will come. I will take the bus myself. Come and stand in line and watch the mandal hold the current wires tight. It will be known if there is electricity or not’ he said.

‘If you bless me, I will become an MLA. I became a minister if KCR blessed me. I made Sirisilla constituency number one in Telangana. If you vote, I am an MLA and have worked so that you can raise your head with dignity. Working for you. Bless me one more time. Don’t believe what they say when the election comes. KTR asked the people to think with all their heart and vote for me.

‘KCR’s love for Telangana… Will Rahul Gandhi and Modi have it…? The Congressmen are saying that they will lift Dharani. If dharani goes, patwari system will come again. You know what will happen if Patwari system comes. Congressmen want to give 3 hours of electricity. Go to Baikadi again at night and harvest. KTR should warn that lines should be built for fertilizers and seeds.

Don’t give up..Malla Reddy is the daughter-in-law of Congress corporator Anita Vuha

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Malla Reddy is the daughter-in-law of Congress corporator Anita Vuha

‘There are 30 days of voting… come and vote for our party’

Voting.. What do you say.. Do you have phone pay…

In nine and a half years, we have changed the shape of the city

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