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Kanimozhi MP comments on Mansoor Alikhan issue

Kanimozhi MP comments on Mansoor Alikhan issue
Kanimozhi MP comments on Mansoor Alikhan issue

Mansoor Ali Khan rose to fame as a villain in the 1990s and 2000s, and has since been focusing on character roles. In that way, Vijay and Trisha acted in the lead roles in Leo, which was released on the 19th of last month and was directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj.

Mansoor Ali Khan, who recently met the media, said that he did not find the scene of Trisha sexually harassing in Leo. This has been controversial. To this Trisha replied, “Very disgusting and disrespectful speech. “I strongly condemn it,” said X on the platform. Later, various screen celebrities including Lokesh Kanagaraj, Karthik Subbaraj, and others posted on the X platform strongly condemning Mansoor Ali Khan.

Following this, the actress and member of the National Commission for Women, Khushpu, had informed the X site that she has taken the matter to the senior officials of the Women’s Commission and appropriate action will be taken. And regarding this, the South Indian Actors Association had strongly condemned that “Mansoor Ali Khan, who spoke defamatoryly about actresses, should apologize publicly”. Meanwhile, amid much protest, Mansoor Ali Khan explained. In which, “I always respect my fellow actresses. They deliberately cut what I spoke in a different way and spread it wrongly,” he said. The National Commission for Women then recommended the DGP to register a case against Mansoor Ali Khan under Section 509B and other relevant sections of the IPC regarding the matter.

Mansoor Alikhan, who met the journalists today regarding this matter, said, “I did not speak badly about actress Trisha. In fact, I spoke highly of him. He has me to thank for that. The Actors Guild has made a huge mistake in this matter. If there is a dispute, you should have asked me for an explanation. But they did not ask for any explanation. They have taken wrong action against me. They have to withdraw this action within 4 hours. People know about me. They stand by me. I am not a person who can apologize to anyone.” said. Subsequently, Tamil Nadu Theater Owners Association and Tamil Film Producers Association continued to condemn Mansoor Ali Khan.

In this situation, when reporters questioned MP Kanimozhi regarding this issue, he said, “No one has the right to speak abusively of women. “Whoever speaks like that should take action,” he replied.

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