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“Artist 100” ceremony on behalf of the film industry

“Artist 100” ceremony on behalf of the film industry
“Artist 100” ceremony on behalf of the film industry

Pepsi Chairman RK Selvamani has said that the Artist 100 ceremony will be held on behalf of the film industry.

DMK is celebrating the centenary of late DMK leader and former Chief Minister Karunanidhi throughout the year. Meanwhile, in the general committee meeting of the Tamil Film Producers’ Association held a few months ago, it was decided to hold a grand function on behalf of the film industry under the name of ‘Kalaignar 100’.

This program is organized to honor the contribution of Karunanidhi in the development of Tamil cinema. In this case, Pepsi Chairman RK Selvamani said that not only artists but also all political parties are invited for this ceremony.

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While the ceremony will be held on December 24th in Chennai, the shooting will not be done on December 23rd and 24th on the occasion of the ceremony, he said. It is also planned to invite actors Vijay and Ajith for the function. As Ajith does not attend public events, fans are eagerly waiting to see if he will attend the function.

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It is noteworthy that while Ilayaraja’s concert will be held at the Artist 100 Festival, prominent celebrities including Rajini, Kamal are expected to participate in the festival.

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