Agriculture Financial Statement 2024-2025 – Key Features Details

Agriculture Financial Statement 2024-2025 – Key Features Details
Agriculture Financial Statement 2024-2025 – Key Features Details

Minister M.R.K. has released the Agriculture Financial Report for the year 2024-25 in Tamil Nadu. Panneerselvam filed today in the assembly.

The Government of Tamil Nadu has released the main features of the Agricultural Finance Statement (2024-2025).

Main Objectives of Agricultural Financial Reporting:

1. Maintenance of soil fertility

i. Balanced fertilization, reducing the use of chemical inputs

ii. Increasing use of green manure, microbes, vermicomposting, biopesticides etc

iii. Promotion of organic farming

iv. Remediation of highly acidic soils

v. Research to develop effective microbial composition for decomposing crop residues

2. Providing nutritious produce

i. Increase the area of ​​horticultural crops and production

ii. Nutritious fruit plants in the home garden

iii. Traditional varieties

iv. Bee terminal

3. Promotion of cultivation of herbal crops

4. Creating new market opportunities

i. Farmer’s stores

ii. E-commerce

iii. Export exercises

iv. Farm trade

v. Agricultural fairs

vi. Geocode retrieval

5. Area expansion and conversion of barren lands to cultivation to meet the required production of food crops.

6. Increasing productivity of agriculture and horticulture crops

i. Providing inputs including quality seed, high yielding seed, gypsum, zinc sulphate, micronutrient fertilizer mix,

ii. Pest and disease management.

iii. High technology

iv. Recognition for High Yield – Awards

7. Solar Electric Fences to Protect Crops – Aiming to Protect Crops Without Risk to Animals or Humans

8. Achieving inclusive agricultural development.

i. Emphasis on small and marginal farmers – additional subsidy (additional subsidy for purchase of power tiller, micro-irrigation, agricultural machinery)

ii. Adi Dravidian, importance to tribals

iii. Machine rental centers for the underprivileged

9. Welfare of farmers

i. Incentives for paddy, sugarcane

ii. Crop insurance

iii. Financial credit to farmers

Raising the bar

iv. e-Negotiable Warehouse Receipt

v. Free tariff for agricultural electricity

vi. Disbursement of crop loans

vii. For goat, cow, chicken, fish breeders

Maintenance, practical investment loan

viii. Disaster relief

ix. Special Assistance Scheme for Drought Mitigation – Seven Districts

10. Strengthening of water resources

i. Natural resource development works

ii. Drilling of C” , ”D” section drains

iii. Improvement of storm water structures

11. Water Management

iv. Micro irrigation

v. Substitutes for rice with low water demand

12. Agricultural Extension – Strengthening

i. In government horticultural farms

Plantation Sales Centre

ii. Village Agricultural Development Committee

iii. “One Village One Crop” Demonstration

iv. Functional description of horticultural crops by region

v. Information center at each horticulture regional office

13. Encouraging youth to engage in agribusiness

14. Encouragement of agribusiness enterprises

i. Availability of commercial crops – sugarcane, cotton, turmeric, cashew, coconut, tree crops

ii. Encouraging start-ups

15. Mechanization of agricultural work

i. Development of modern agricultural machinery

ii. Complete mechanization of agriculture

iii. Setting up of machine rental centres

iv. Demonstration of modern agricultural machinery, tools

v. Mobile dryers

16. To provide continuous income to farmers

i. Integrated Farming

ii. Agroforestry

iii. Livestock and fish farming

17. Taking agriculture to the masses

i. Setting up parks

ii. Agricultural fairs

18. Valuation of produce

i. Food processing centers

ii. Creation of value chain for products

iii. Testing of foodstuffs

iv. Agriculture including palm products

Product Valuation Exercises, Tools

19. Importance of Agricultural Research

i. Research on new rice varieties including rice rice varieties suitable for diabetes

ii. Research to address climate change

iii. Research to combat insect and disease attacks

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