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Vishika contests in 5 states: Thirumavalavan

Vishika contests in 5 states: Thirumavalavan
Vishika contests in 5 states: Thirumavalavan

Thirumavalavan (file photo)

The leader of the party, Thirumavalavan, has said that the Liberation Tigers Party will contest in 5 states in the Lok Sabha elections.

With the Lok Sabha elections to be held in a couple of months, the Liberation Tigers of India is contesting in the ‘India’ alliance. Discussions are underway with the DMK for seat sharing.

In this situation, party leader Thirumavalavan personally went to the Election Commission of India in Delhi and submitted a petition on Tuesday, insisting on allotting a common symbol to VISIK.

Thirumavalavan then spoke to the media:

“We will field candidates for the Lok Sabha elections on behalf of Visika in the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Telangana and Karnataka. Therefore, we have requested to assign Pani symbol as public symbol from independent symbol to Vishik.

Subsequently, we will personally meet Ram Nath Kovind, the former President of the Republic and Chairman of the One Nation, One Election Committee, and submit a petition on behalf of Visika that one election will lead to presidential rule and that it should be abandoned.” He said.

The article is in Tamil

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