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Tollywood Senior Actor Chalapathi Rao Biography

Witness, Hyderabad: The sudden death of Tollywood senior actor Chalapathi Rao (78) due to a heart attack filled the industry with deep sadness. Now let’s see the features of his life, who has made a special name for himself in Tollywood by acting in more than 1200 films in five and a half decades of cinema.

Chalapathy Rao’s full name is Tammareddy Chalapathy Rao. Born on May 8, 1944 at Baliparru in Pamarru Mandal of Krishna District. He entered the film industry in 1966 at the age of 22. Superstar Krishna’s superhit movie Gudchari 116.. Chalapathi Rao’s first movie. After that in 1967 he played a role in Sakshi. After that, there were no opportunities for two years. Again in 1969, he acted in Buddhimantudu.

There has been no looking back since then. They rushed to make a series of pictures. He got special recognition with his own style in villainy. He acted in more than 1200 movies. Chalapathy Rao has impressed the audience in all kinds of roles, not just as a villain. Playing Nagarjuna’s father in Ninnepelladatha is said to have turned his career around.

Chalapathy Rao acted as producer of seven films. Kaliyuga Krishna, Kadapareddamma, Jagannatakam, Pellante Nureya Panta, President’s Son-in-law, Midnight Murders and Bloody Night were produced by him.

Chalapati Rao’s father’s name is Maniyya. Mother’s name is Viyyamma. Wife’s name is Indumati. They have three children. Son Ravi Babu has gained recognition as an actor and director in Tollywood. Two daughters settled in America.

Chalapathi Rao’s wife Indumati died in a fire a few years after giving birth to three children. The incident took place at home when they were in Chennai. Indumati’s saree caught fire when she went to fetch fresh water in the morning.

Chalipathirao went and started the fire after shouting. She died after struggling with death for three days in the hospital. The family was deeply saddened by this. After that, Chalapati Rao did not marry again.
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