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The terrorists sitting in Pakistan conspired to murder three leaders of Punjab and Delhi. Among them are two Hindu and one Sikh leader. For this, he activated a sleeper cell in Delhi. Naushad and Jagjit claimed responsibility for these killings in Bhalswa Dairy area of ​​Jahangirpuri. However, Pakistani bosses doubted whether these two and their accomplices would be able to kill.

To prove their mettle, Naushad and Jagjit capture a Hindu boy and kill him by slitting his throat. Then cut the dead body into four pieces and threw it in a nearby drain. Made a video while killing and sent it to Pakistan through signal app. The Special Cell of Delhi Police arrested both these terrorists on 12 January. In the interrogation, both have made many revelations.

Both the terrorists lived in the same house in Bhalswa Dairy area of ​​Jahangirpuri. He had taken a room here on rent in October last year.

8 people active in sleeper cell module, search for 4 terrorists continues
Weapons were sent from Pakistan through drop-dead method till Naushad and Jagjit. In this method, something is kept at a secret location and the other person receives it. Naushad was in touch with the handler based in Pakistan. The location of the weapons was shared through Google Map on the Signal app from Pakistan itself.

According to Delhi Police sources, 8 people are suspected to be involved in this module. Naushad and Jagjit are caught. There are 2 handlers, one in Pakistan and one in Canada. 4 are still being told in India, whose search is on. Out of these, 2 terrorists were used to arrange weapons. The remaining 2 were given the responsibility of delivering the weapon to the location specified by the handler.

To prove himself capable, he killed a Hindu youth.
Investigation has revealed that Pakistani handlers suspected Naushad and Jagjit. To prove their capability, both of them killed a Hindu youth in December 2022. According to the police, a video of 37 seconds has been found in his mobile. In this, two people are seen killing a person by slitting his throat. This video has been sent by Naushad and Jagjit to the handlers. After this, money was also sent to him through hawala from Pakistan.

After this information came to the fore during interrogation, the police started investigation. On Saturday, January 14, several pieces of the dead body of this youth were allegedly found from a drain in Bhalswa Dairy area. The identity of the slain youth has been established, but the police have not revealed. It has been told that the youth used to work as a rag picker in the area itself.

The forensic team has found traces of blood in the house of the terrorists. Their samples have been sent for investigation.

A police officer told- ‘Some parts of the dead body have not been found yet. The deceased has been identified on the basis of trishul mark on his hand. DNA and forensic reports are yet to come. Traces of blood have been found in the terrorists’ room, it is being matched with the DNA of the dead body found in the drain.

According to police sources, the terrorists had chosen the young man to kill only because he was a Hindu. Whether there was any other reason behind the murder or not, it is being investigated. Till now it has been revealed in the investigation that he was killed for sending the video to Pakistan.

Case already registered against both the arrested terrorists
The arrested Naushad and Jagjit have several cases registered against them including murder. In the interrogation of 4 days, both have told that instead of killing three leaders, they were to get a total of Rs 3 crore. 50 lakh for the first murder, 1 crore for the second and 1.5 crore for the third.

According to Delhi Police sources, the leaders who were to be targeted in Delhi-Punjab are associated with Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena and Congress. These Congress leaders are very vocal against Khalistan. Both the terrorists had also done their Reiki in Punjab. Dainik Bhaskar has the names of all the three leaders, but they are not being disclosed due to security reasons. The aim of these terrorists was to destabilize the government in Punjab by carrying out political murders. These people were going to kill the leaders on 27 and 31 January.

6 lakhs received through hawala, Jagga’s connection with Khalistan
Delhi Police has said that the terrorists’ target was ‘right wing leaders’, a plan was made to kill only the Congress leader for being anti-Khalistan. The police have also traced the funds received by these terrorists through hawala. So far, it has been confirmed that he got Rs 6 lakh through different hawala routes. This money has come to Naushad. Some money has also come through Bihar.

According to the police, Naushad and Jagjit were lodged in Haldwani jail in different cases, it was here that they got to know each other. Later these two gangsters came in contact with the people of Jagdeep Bambiha Group. It was from here that Jagjit Singh was identified with Khalistani terrorist Arshdeep Dalla. Arshdeep is associated with the Khalistan Tiger Force. Jagga came out on parole and had absconded.

Naushad’s handler in Pakistan, member of terrorist organization Harkat ul Ansar
Naushad was being handled from Pakistan. During interrogation, he has repeatedly given different names of his handlers. According to sources, Naushad’s handler could be a person named Haider. Naushad is associated with Pakistan’s terrorist organization Harkat-ul-Ansar. This organization is active in Jammu and Kashmir. However, his handler Haider is associated with Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist organization.

According to police sources, Jagjit’s handler is being told in Canada. Arshdeep had also ordered Jagjit to ‘keep a low profile and not contact anyone’.

Naushad has served life imprisonment in two cases of murder and 10 years in one case of Explosives Act. Investigation in Jahangirpuri has revealed that both of them had taken a house on rent during Diwali last year. He told the landlord that his own house is being built, he will stay here till it is built.

26 January parade may be on target
Police recovered three pistols, 22 rounds and two hand grenades from Jagjit and Naushad’s house. According to sources, the handlers had also promised to provide more lethal weapons to the two. According to sources in the Special Cell of Delhi Police, the Republic Day parade could also be their target.

4 suspected terrorists are being searched. It is possible that apart from Delhi-Punjab, he has been given the task of target killing in other states as well. Naushad and Jagga were produced before the Patiala House Court on Friday, January 13, from where both were sent to 14-day police remand.

Pakistan’s focus on Punjab due to strictness in Kashmir
This is not the first time that Pakistani terrorist organizations and Khalistani are plotting against India. Last November, an investigative report by Bhaskar had revealed that Pakistani intelligence agency ISI is behind inciting anti-India sentiments in Punjab. (to read full story) Click,

From 2020 to 2022, more than 100 cases of separatism were reported in Punjab. The link of all these was connecting with ISI in one way or the other. Funding for them was also being done from Pakistan only. With the funding of ISI, Khalistan supporters are getting stronger in Germany and America after Canada.

According to an official of the National Investigation Agency (NIA), terror groups backed by Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI have grown stronger in Punjab during the last two years. These include Khalistan Commando Force, Bhindranwale Commando Force of Khalistan, Khalistan Liberation Force, Sikh for Justice, Khalistan Liberation Army.

A 2021 report by American thinktank Hudson Institute claimed that Pakistani intelligence agency ISI is funding 55 Khalistani and Kashmiri separatist groups. In return, these organizations are preparing anti-India land in America. Taliban is also helping in this work.

Conspiracy to spread instability in Punjab
According to a Hudson Institute report, last year some Sikh separatist groups offered $1 million (Rs 8 crore) in aid to the Taliban. Pakistan is conspiring to spread instability in Punjab.

Khalistani organizations are getting funding from Britain, Canada and Germany. Pakistan and China give them logistic support. This includes weapons and drugs. Cases of sending weapons and drugs through drones from Pakistan have come to the fore in Punjab. This is also a part of the terror funding and support network.

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