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How did Anant Ambani’s bride Radhika become a ‘merchant’? – radhika merchant and her surname

How did Anant Ambani’s bride Radhika become a ‘merchant’? – radhika merchant and her surname
How did Anant Ambani’s bride Radhika become a ‘merchant’? – radhika merchant and her surname

The wedding ceremony of the youngest member of the Ambani family has already started in Antilia. Antilia is witnessing a grand function this evening with Bollywood stars and industry stalwarts in attendance. The pictures of last day’s mehendi and bride Radhika Merchant dancing during the ceremony have already gone viral on social media. Who is Radhika Merchant who is coming to the Ambani family with the right foot? Radhika, a classical dancer, is the daughter of Encore Healthcare Chief Executive Officer Viren Merchant and Shaila. Radhika is Ambani’s son Anant’s childhood friend.

It was probably when Radhika Merchant started making headlines as Anand’s bride-to-be that the name was the first thing everyone noticed. Surname Merchant in name. It may even be doubtful whether there is a surname called Merchant for the Malayalees who have discovered surnames based on caste and family name. But don’t doubt, there is a way. These surnames have a different story to tell.

If you look at surnames like Merchant and Engineer, it goes back to the British rule in India. The British came to India with the aim of trading with princely states, but later they ruled us as their colonies. It is said that in the early 1900s, the British called for a list of surnames in order to identify and track people while preparing their registration and census lists of Indians. At that time all the male members of a family were engaged in the same trade, so some sections adopted the name of their profession as a surname. Thus the traders Chetty and Shetty all became a tail with the name.

Now coming to the surnames of merchant and engineer, Parsis came to use such surnames during the British rule in India. A small community of Parsis (of Zoroastrian origin) who had fled from Persia arrived in Gujarat as refugees in the early 8th century. While most surnames in India reflect caste and lineage, this is not entirely the case with Parsis. They created their identities through occupations and city streets.

In early Gujarat, many people adopted Gujarati surnames like Gandhi or Patel as surnames. For example, Feroz Gandhi who was Indira Gandhi’s husband. Not only was he not related to the Gandhi family, he was not even a Hindu. But like him many added Gujarati surnames to their own names back then. while others adopted surnames under British rule that reflected their occupations. So Parsis started adopting surnames like engineer, driver, cooper and merchant. Later it started to be widely used.

As the name suggests, the name Merchant was adopted by those who traded (Apart from the Parsis, the Shia Muslims of Gujarat also used the surname Merchant). Similarly, those who worked in engineering added the surname Engineer to their name. There are very interesting surnames among them. Baltiwala (bottle seller), Daruwala (liquor seller), Poonawala, etc. have 20 syllables and some of the longest Parsi surnames like SodaBottle Openerwala, currently a popular restaurant chain in India. Therefore, if you happen to meet another Parsi, it is better to avoid the question about his job after asking his name.

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