America FIRE Shooting : Shooting in America.. Telugu heart attack

America FIRE Shooting : Shooting in America.. Telugu heart attack
America FIRE Shooting : Shooting in America.. Telugu heart attack

Robbery shootings in Chicago

Bejawada student Devashish dies

Saicharan, a resident of Sangareddy, was injured

Both are government university students

Vizag student is safe at the scene

Various locations in Chicago over the weekend

Attack on 33 people.. 8 people died

Washington/Ramachandrapuram, January 23: One of the robbers in America was killed and another was seriously injured in the firing on Telugu students. Another Telugu student who was with them survived the shooting incident unharmed. According to the police report, Nandepu Devashish (23) from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, went to America for higher education while staying in Hyderabad. Koppala Saicharan (22) from Sangareddy Ramachandrapuram town, Telangana, LIG ​​also went to America on 11th of this month to do MS. Both of them are studying at Governor State University in Chicago. Both of them along with another friend named Laxman took a bus to Walmart to get a router needed for internet connection. Just then a black man followed them. At 6:55 p.m. Sunday, according to American time, they were walking off the bus at the Walmart bus stop when four other black men approached the trio in a car. They were stopped and threatened with a gun and asked to hand over their cellphones. Immediately they put their phones on the floor. At that time Saicharan said.. ‘Why do you have phones… we have money, take it if you want’.

However, at that time, one of the three students said that they had ‘toy guns’ (toy guns) in their hands and the assailants opened fire on them. In that firing, one bullet hit Saicharan’s stomach, while another bullet hit Devashish’s lower right arm. As soon as the bullet hit the wound, blood started coming from Saicharan’s mouth. Devashish is fine. When the shooting happened, both Devashish and Laxman called 911 and the police came with an ambulance and took them to the hospital. However, Saicharan’s heart had already stopped beating. But.. he survived after doing CPR. He was shot in the left lung and the doctors operated and removed the bullet. It is reported that his condition has worsened but he is recovering with treatment. On the other hand, the doctors confirmed that Devashish, who thought there was no danger, died on Monday morning while undergoing treatment.

When this matter came to know, Devashish’s sister, who is staying in Chicago, reached the hospital. Saicharan’s friends informed his parents Koppala Srinivas Rao and Lakshmi in Sangareddy over phone. Meanwhile, on learning about the firing on the Telugu youth, Tana’s representative Hema Kanuri went to the hospital and spoke to the police and doctors there and is coordinating with the families of the youth. On the basis of preliminary information, the police traced the car of the accused and found it to be a stolen car. The police questioned Laxman about the incident and the identity of the accused and left him alone.

Firing elsewhere..

Near the place where this incident took place.. at 2 o’clock in the middle of the night, two black men shot at Jordan Nixon (17) and his friend (18) of University Park. Jordan died on the spot in the incident. It is known that both the assailants were contacted online saying that they would sell sneakers (socks) at a low price. When they went to buy them, Jordan and his friend were robbed of cash and shot, police said. It was revealed that 33 people were shot at in different places in Chicago on Saturday and Sunday, and 8 of them died. It is known that 10 people died in the shooting in Los Angeles on the occasion of Chinese Lunar New Year. The police found that a 72-year-old Chinese national Hukantran was responsible for this atrocity. After firing, he reportedly shot himself.

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