Reply to those who teased After Brazil’s match, viral fan Lubna was waiting

Reply to those who teased After Brazil’s match, viral fan Lubna was waiting
Reply to those who teased After Brazil’s match, viral fan Lubna was waiting

The packed gallery at the Lusail Stadium fell into an eerie silence as the referee blew his whistle to declare the game over. The blue flags and pylons that rose up there withered and fell. The cheerleaders in blue jerseys turned away in heart-wrenching pain. It was reflected not only in Lusail and Buenos Aires, but even here in Kerala. It was also celebrated by arch-rivals Brazil fans. Many Argentine fans had to listen to the taunts. Lubna, a 2nd class student from Tirur, is among those who were teased by Brazil fans. The video of Lubna arguing with those who made fun of her and Insha supporting Cuttack has gone viral on social media.

“This is a joke. Arguments are happening while watching the game. I am also in this group as a Brazil fan. “Go and burn the jersey,” said Lubna’s uncle Sulaiman.

Lubna is a 2nd class student in Mangalam ALP School and Insha is studying in 4th class in the same school. While Suleiman is a Brazil fan, Lubna is an ardent Argentina fan. Regularly watch Argentina matches. Lubna became an Argentina fan because of her intense admiration for Messi. One of Lubna’s main hobbies is watching Messi’s videos on YouTube. Apart from watching the game, he also plays football.

The incident takes place after watching the game on a big screen prepared in the country. Lubna was upset after Argentina lost the match. Brazil fans continued to jeer as the game returned. More than 100 people were there to watch the game. But after the match, most of the Argentina fans drowned. Brazil fans made fun of Lubnamol and Insha Mol who were there.

‘Messi still doesn’t have the game…the response to them was to show them. Anyway, I was hoping to win. Disappointed when that didn’t happen. Then he angrily retaliated against those who made fun of him. But after holding on to them, I was crying when I got home.’ – said Suleiman, a Brazil fan, with a smile.

“Being a Brazil fan, I love Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar. To get a player like Messi is a big deal. Messi is really amazing. But they don’t like their fans’. Sulaiman added.

Now Lubna is waiting for Brazil’s competition. It is in the hope that Brazil will lose. Preparations are also being made to buy firecrackers. The accompanying Argentinian fans are also with Lubna. Lubna and other Argentinian fans are ready to give the rest of the answer after the Brazil match.

The article is in Malayalam

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