Manipur riots with the support of the Christian Church, RSS weekly

Delhi: The agitation in Manipur was violent with the support of the Christian Church and terrorist groups, the organizer of the RSS publication. On May 3, assailants armed with sophisticated weapons and multiple bullets attacked people in various districts of Manipur and destroyed and burnt six houses of Meiti Hindus, according to the organizer’s report.

On May 3, miscreants torched houses and attacked people including women and children in various areas adjacent to Bishnupur and Churachandpur districts of Manipur. Panicked people fled their homes and nearby Hindus took refuge in more areas like Saiton, Moirang, Ningtaukhong, Bishnupur and capital Imphal. The reason behind the attack on Hindus is unknown. The organizer reports, quoting a native of Torbung, that there is concern that suspected Kuki militants may be involved in the violence.

Violence broke out on Wednesday during a tribal solidarity march called by the All Tribal Students Union Manipur (ATSUM) in Torbung area of ​​Churachandpur district in Manipur against inclusion of the Meiti community in the ST category. In response to the organisation’s call for a march, the Manipur Tribal Churches Leaders Forum (TCLF) unanimously decided to accept ATSUM’s solidarity march at a meeting held on May 1, the organizer’s report also stated. The TCLF press release also said that this solidarity march organized by All Tribal Student Union Manipur is to collectively protect the social, political and religious interests of the tribals of Manipur.

Organizers also reported that around 4,000 Hindus sought refuge with Indian forces and paramilitary camps for their lives. Following the request of the state government, the Army/Assam Rifles have been deployed in the Christian and tribal dominated areas of Churachandpur.

At the same time, Archbishop Peter Machado of Bengaluru Diocese said that what is happening in Manipur is Christian hunting. ‘The rampant Christian persecution in Manipur, a peaceful northeastern state with a 41 percent Christian population, is alarming. We have received reports that three mosques built in 1974 and some houses were burnt. People have been forced to flee to safe places.

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