TNEB- Aadhar Link: What to do if there is an EP connection in the deceased’s name?

TNEB- Aadhar Link: What to do if there is an EP connection in the deceased’s name?
TNEB- Aadhar Link: What to do if there is an EP connection in the deceased’s name?

Linking of E-Consumer Number – Aadhaar Number is mandatory and implemented in Tamil Nadu. All users of free electricity and subsidized electricity should link Aadhaar number with electricity connection number. The Tamil Nadu government has issued an order for this. Arrangements are made to go to the power board offices and connect directly or by yourself online. Link Number – Aadhaar can be linked on official website of Govt

It has been informed that you can directly link your Aadhaar Card and Electricity Utility Card at the Electricity Board offices. In this situation, you may have various doubts while linking EP – Aadhaar number. Especially doubts like how to connect the house owner, tenants and what to do if the electricity connection is in the name of the deceased are explained here.

There are 2 crore 30 lakh household electricity connections across Tamil Nadu. Apart from this there are 22 lakh agricultural power connections and 11 lakh cottage power connections.

EP – Aadhaar Number Link

  1. First go to the above given website and enter your connection number.
  2. Next enter the mobile number provided with the connection. OTP will be sent to that number. Give it and upload Aadhaar number and Aadhaar.
  3. Now 3 options are given. You are the owner, tenant and 3rd house owner of this connection but the connection is in someone else’s name. You have to select this and submit.

How do tenants connect?

After entering your Aadhaar and Aadhaar number you will get 3 options. The options will appear whether you are the owner of this connection, a tenant and finally the owner of the house but the connection is in someone else’s name. In which you have to select 1 option. Tenants must select the option of Tenant.

In some places, tenants are given a separate e-card. They can connect using that electricity connection number, they can use Aadhaar itself. By doing this will the electricity connection be changed in the tenant’s name? Do not fear. The electricity connection will be in the house owner’s name only.

Multiple electrical connections

No matter how many electricity connections a person has, they will continue to get free electricity. Subsidy offers, if any, will also be provided. Minister Senthilbalaji explained that free electricity will not be canceled due to EP-Aadhaar number linking.

It is also informed that multiple electricity connection holders can connect with the same Aadhaar.

Electricity connection in the name of the deceased

There is electricity connection in grandfather/father’s name. But they died. How to link Aadhaar, Aadhaar can be linked even if the name is not changed in the e-connection. Aadhaar number can be linked in the name of the new person who wants to change the electricity connection. His Aadhaar number, Aadhaar card can be uploaded.

Special camp

EP-Aadhaar Number Linking Special camps are being held across Tamil Nadu till December 31 at the Electricity Board Divisional Offices in respective areas. Public can carry their electricity utility card, Aadhaar card and link it. Although the name of the power connection needs to be changed, the power board has advised that this camp can be used and changed.

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