Book Hyundai Car Online On Amazon

Book Hyundai Car Online On Amazon

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Book Hyundai Car Online On Amazon: A very good news has come for the people who are fond of vehicles. Hyundai USA will be the first carmaker to start selling its cars on Amazon in 2024. Amazon will soon launch a dedicated platform for selling cars online. When it is launched in America, customers will be able to buy Hyundai cars on Amazon like any other product. However, the vehicles will be delivered from the dealer’s stockyard only. This would be similar to buying a car online from the website of a car manufacturing company.

Book Hyundai Car Online On Amazon: It is noteworthy that the sale of Hyundai cars on Amazon is part of the partnership between the American e-commerce platform (Amazon) and South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai. Under the partnership, Amazon’s Alexa AI assistant will be installed in the cars and Hyundai will get access to Amazon’s large customer base. The e-commerce platform says that other car manufacturers will also soon come forward to sell their cars on Amazon. However, the company has not disclosed the brand names.

Book Hyundai Car Online On Amazon: It will be interesting to see whether this service will be available only for the US market or will it be expanded to other regions in the future. At present, there is no information about its arrival or arrival in India.

Hyundai, the second largest car company in India

Book Hyundai Car Online On Amazon: Hyundai continues its sales growth by selling 55,128 units in October 2023. The sales of this Korean company have increased by about 15 percent on an annual basis. Along with this, it was the second largest car company in India. Above this was only Maruti, which has sold the highest number of cars in the country.

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