Daughter Linda de Mol expresses herself about alleged quarrel

Daughter Linda de Mol expresses herself about alleged quarrel
Daughter Linda de Mol expresses herself about alleged quarrel

Noa Vahle, the daughter of Linda de Mol, has spoken for the first time about the alleged quarrel with her mother. Linda is rumored to be back together with Jeroen and Noa would not accept that.

Noa will present the broadcasts around the hockey main classes on Viaplay from Saturday. A big step in her career, and she definitely couldn’t use bad publicity for that.

Lost contact

When Jeroen confessed that he sexually misbehaved behind the scenes at The Voice of Holland, Noa would have been furious and immediately cut off all contact with her stepfather. And that while they got along well from the very first moment.

It would therefore greatly disturb Noa that her mother would give Jeroen Rietbergen another chance, wrote weekly magazine Story. Noa couldn’t place her mother’s motivations, something others around her understand all too well.

‘I’d be lying if I say it’s going great’

In conversation with Frank Dane on Radio 538, Noa is the first to talk about how her mother is doing now. “I’d be lying if I said it’s going great,” she said. “But at least things are going much better. Tomorrow she will go back into the studio. So I think that’s really cool and very strong of her.”

Are the rumors true?

The big question is: is it true that there is a relationship between mother and daughter? In the conversation Noa talks lovingly about her mother and says that it does not bother her at all that she is always called ‘Linda de Mol’s daughter’.

,,I have a very nice family, so it doesn’t really matter to me,’ Noa responds. She also says that her mother is proud of her. “And I am on her too, so that’s nice.”

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