Tommy, a muse!- Tomy mathew| Museum | Books Bible | Manorama News

Tommy, a muse!- Tomy mathew| Museum | Books Bible | Manorama News
Tommy, a muse!- Tomy mathew| Museum | Books Bible | Manorama News

A 150-year-old printing press, 5000 research books, a 400-year-old 10-kilogram Bible, and an old movie album. In Peringamala, Tommy, a parakeet, is a textbook and a museum!

You can learn history by watching Tommy. Iringalakuda native Peringamalai Tommy Mathew’s collection has the kind of objects a museum needs. Priceless antique books, albums containing film stills including old Bollywood films, more than 500 clocks, 30 types of old phones, two printing machines that are about 150 years old. His collections of 25 years are neatly stored in the upper floor of the establishment adjacent to his house on the Iringalakuda – Thrissur road. For those who come here, it is like stepping into an archaeological museum.

Big Price, First Defendants

Tommy’s collection has more than five thousand books that can be used by research students for their studies. The oldest is a book written in Latin about St. Paul in 1563. Many of the 400-year-old Bibles weigh more than ten kilos. The collection has a wide range of books on various subjects like history, philosophy, art and languages. Most are first edition books. So you will be shocked to hear the price.

Tommy owns one of the first published books of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. It is said that it will cost lakhs.

James Grant’s ‘History of India’ written 150 years ago, TA Lawrence’s ‘Seven Pillars of Wisdom’, Charles Bell’s ‘History of Indian Mutany’ published in 1860, John Bunyan’s ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’ published in 1842, Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘Young India’ published in 1924. 1919-22′ and many famous books are here.

From foreign auctions to Akri

There are dictionaries in many languages. There are also books dealing with the works of painters including Picasso. Another feature is that most of the books also have beautiful pictures. He started collecting books 15 years ago. Tommy has acquired books from auctions in foreign countries such as the United States and the UK.

Books are collected from places like Hyderabad, Delhi and Shimla. According to Tommy, books are often available at affordable prices from thrift stores. Many people do not know the value of books. Using the books that were stored in various places in the house, using the free days during the Covid period, a list of books has been prepared and converted into a library in an easy-to-use manner. Tommy is ready to give books to anyone for study.

The album will tell the movie story

Apart from books, Tommy’s collection has around 30 albums containing rare pictures. Here are some of the most memorable moments from 1970s movies. Back then, each film had its own album. These albums have rare pictures of Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor, Hema Malini etc. Albums of Tamil and Telugu films are also included. According to Tommy, such a collection of albums would be very rare in the country. Among them are the 1967 Telugu film ‘Daiva Shail’ and the 1971 film ‘Hathi Mera Saathi’ starring Amitabh Bachchan and Rajesh Khanna. An album containing photographs of the city of London taken in 1880 by the famous photographer George Wishikans, and an album containing photographs collected by the Maharani of Bharatpur in 1925.

Ring.. Ring 1900

There are 20 types of land phones in Tommy’s collection. These are dual speaker phones from the 1900s. Phones were collected from many places during the journey.

Clocks that tell history

Another collection of Tommy’s are centuries-old clocks that ring the bells of history. Another special collection is around 400 antique clocks collected from different countries. Ewe clocks are now gracing library walls. There are more clocks from countries like America, UK, Germany and France.

A bit of a household thing

Tommy says that this collection has been prepared with the intention of helping students and others to study.

Tomiku has a master’s degree in chemistry and his father is retired from Christ College. He also got his love for books from Mathew, who was a chemistry teacher. Tommy runs a car dealership called Grace Honda in Ambalur. Mother Mary Mathew, wife Anuji and children Alan and Alina are also helping to turn the rare book collection into a library.

phone: 98470 66224.

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