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‘Jadunama’, the life of the magician of words Javed Akhtar, book launch. ‘Jadunama’ covers the life of Javed Akhtar, the magician of words, book launch

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  • ‘Jadunama’ Covers The Life Of Javed Akhtar, The Magician Of Words, Book Launch

New Delhi15 minutes agoWriters: Aleem Bazmee and Vaibhav Palnitkar

In Delhi’s biggest Urdu fair ‘Jashn-e-Rekhta’, when Javed Akhtar, a personality of Urdu literature, was flipping a book, his tongue came out for the writer – ‘You have done amazing work, this photo is of my own’. Don’t have it, from where did you get it? You worked so hard on a person like me, if you had done it on someone else, you would have got PhD.

This book was ‘Jadunama’. The book is written by Arvind Mandloi and published by – Manjul Publications. This book contains stories and tales of becoming Javed by magic. There are many such aspects of this book of about 450 pages, which are generally not known to the people. When Javed Sahib saw the book for the first time, his face lit up.

As soon as the name of Javed Akhtar was mentioned, the noise of thousands of people started echoing. Javed Sahab came wearing kurta pajama as usual, while maintaining good manners. The personality of Javed Akhtar and the features of the book were told in the beginning of the release program.

On this occasion, Javed Akhtar revealed a secret…

‘Investment made 56 years ago has now come in handy’

This book is written by Arvind Mandloi. There are about 450 pages in the book.

Manjul Prakashan of the same Loyal Book Depot, from where I had bought Khwaja Ahmad Abbas’s book ‘Inquilab’ in Bhopal 56 years ago, has published a book on me today. Laughingly said, ‘The old investment came in handy today.’

During this, while discussing the book and remembering his past, he said that ‘once when he passed in front of Kohinoor Mills in Mumbai with daughter Zoya, he told her that once during the days of struggle, he bought gram for 20 paise from here. Had bought and passed through here by walking 8 miles. He expected that the daughter might become emotional, but Zoya said- ‘Then 20 paise me bahut chana must have come.’ As soon as this story was over, the gathering started laughing. Then he said that my daughter Zoya’s sense of humor is amazing.

Javed saheb robbed the audience with his sense of humour.

On the occasion of book launch, Javed Saheb told many stories. His sense of humor captivated the crowd.

When the atmosphere became serious, he said that there is no bigger problem than hunger in the world, before this everything is meaningless. When he was saying this, a girl from the party stood up and asked for the ghazal ‘Waqt’. So he said, ‘Somebody tell them what time it is.’ Javed Sahab’s precise sense of humor convinced the crowd. Javed Akhtar did not forget to congratulate Vikas Rakheja of Manjul Publication on this occasion.

‘Poetry is done with seriousness and satisfaction’
On the question of no new book coming after two books named ‘Tarkash’ and ‘Lava’, he said that commercial films are made keeping in mind the choice of the audience, while the poetry of the book is serious and comforting. Any idea that is complete and unique, only then I can write. Otherwise he doesn’t write.

Writer Mandloi told the secret of Salim-Javed’s pair
Mandloi, the author of ‘Jadunama’, told that when he talked to GP Sippy during the course of the book, he revealed a secret of Salim-Javed’s pair. ‘Sholay’s dialogues were written by Javed Akhtar, he wrote dialogues in other films as well.’ Regarding the title Jadoonama, he told that Javed Sahab’s nickname is Jadoo, so decided to name the book ‘Jadunama’ which covers the parts of life.

Magic Tales of Jadoonama

Javed Sahab's precise sense of humor convinced the crowd.

Javed Sahab’s precise sense of humor convinced the crowd.

Listen to the secret of getting a magical name…
In the book written on Javed Akhtar, the secret of Javed Saheb’s magic name has been revealed. When his father Jahannisar Akhtar was married by the name of Jaadu, he had said a poem. Whose line was- ‘Lamha-lamha kisi jadoo ka fasana hoga’, so in this way his nickname became Jadoo. Javed means ‘immortal’ and Akhtar means ‘star’, combining both the words ‘Amar Sitara’.
That empty room of Saifia College
Bhopal’s Saifia College is mentioned in the book, he says that I was such a student of this college, from which fees were never charged. This was possible only in Bhopal. After the class was over, he would collect his bed in the empty room, borrow money from hotels, some college friends would bring me tiffins. They didn’t realize that I cry a lot after they left that how much they are my caring friends. He has mentioned Wahajuddin Ansari, Ejaz Ansari, Fateullah, Ehsan Mulla, Mannan Bhai in the memories of Bhopal. There is a whole chapter in the book on the journey of Bhopal.

I was happy when I had 27 paise in my pocket when I came to Mumbai.
Leaving Bhopal on 4 October 1964 reached Mumbai. Had to leave the father’s house here only after 6 days, then there were 27 paise in the pocket. I was happy that someday in life even new 28 paise will come in my pocket, then I will be in profit. Here began a long story to step into the film world.
Honey Irani met on the sets of the film
Met Honey Irani on the sets of the film Sita-Geeta. Later got married. But after some time they got divorced. But no one could spoil our friendship, nor could the breakup of our relationship bring bitterness in the children. The credit for this feat goes to Honey Irani.

The character of Angry Young Man was derived from Birju
Inspired by Birju from Mother India, thought of the angry young man character. It was later used extensively in films and became a successful film formula.

The idea of ​​Soorma Bhopali character came from Nihar Singh
It has been told in the book that the character of Soorma Bhopali for the film Sholay was inspired by Nihar Singh. Talk about Soorma’s character got spoiled and when an attempt was made to raise a legal issue, the film Deewar was released. When Nihar went to see him, seeing Amitab’s dialogue, he said, ‘I have bungalow, car, bank balance, what do you have.’ Seeing this, Nihar said, ‘Javed Sahab is saying this dialogue to me in real life.’

Who said what in the book

Javed Sahab’s creativity and intelligence has always been a source of inspiration for me.
Amitabh Bachchan

Javed is very intelligent and logical. The company of both of us was very strong.
Salim Khan

I am a fan of Javed Sahab’s talent. He wrote the songs for my film Silsila and soon became one of the best lyricists of his time.
Yash Chopra

Like his nickname ‘Jadu’, Javed Sahab’s entire personality is magical.
Flower Garden

In the middle ages we have got many great lyricists like Sahir and Majrooh and in today’s time we have a lyricist like Javed Akhtar.
Asha Bhosle

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