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All ration shops are directed to obtain ISO quality certification

All ration shops are directed to obtain ISO quality certification
All ration shops are directed to obtain ISO quality certification
CHENNAI: The Cooperative Department has ordered the authorities to take steps to obtain ISO quality certification in order to instill confidence in the cardholders to provide better service in the ration shops. Through the Cooperative Department in Tamil Nadu, 33 thousand ration shops will supply two crore cardholders with essential items including rice, wheat and sugar. Items are provided.

Training for employees

Some ration workers engage in activities such as late opening of shops and delivery of goods under weight. Complaints are also raised that ration items are of poor quality. During critical times like the Corona lockdown, employees opened ration shops without risking their lives and provided food items to the card holders.
Mistakes by a few give bad reputation to ration shops and employees as a whole. To avoid this, the government is taking various measures to improve the quality of ration shops, such as cleaning work, repairing damaged buildings, and training employees to be kind to cardholders.
Following this, the cooperative department has ordered the officials to take steps to get ISO quality certificate for all the shops. In this regard, an official of the cooperative department said: ISO, an international standard organization, will provide quality service to the customers. ISO provides certification to companies.


Therefore, by talking to the agents of the organization, steps are being taken to buy the quality certificate for the ration shops as well. Training will be given to the officials on how to buy the certificate and a separate committee will be formed in each district. By ‘framing’ the ISO certificate and promoting it in the ration shop, there will be credibility to provide better service to the people. This is what he said.

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