A damaged classroom; A new building is necessary Dinamalar

A damaged classroom; A new building is necessary Dinamalar
A damaged classroom; A new building is necessary Dinamalar

Ooty : Ooty Solar Gokal Government High School building should be renovated.

Petition sent to Collector Chandrasekaran of Gokal Village: There are 300 students from the villages of Kallundi, Kakanjinagar, Gokal, Kotline, Kannerimku, Thupakandi and Selakkal studying in Gokkal Govt High School, Solar. Two rooms in the school campus were badly damaged. During the rainy season, learning and teaching are hampered. There is a risk of damage if the building collapses. Therefore, measures should be taken to demolish the damaged classrooms and construct new buildings. This is stated in the petition.

Ooty: Ooty Solar Gokkal Govt High School building needs to be renovated. Gokkal district leader Chandrasekaran has sent a petition to the collector: Solar Gokal Govt High School

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