Flower raised by Shiva in Gangamma fair

Flower raised by Shiva in Gangamma fair
Flower raised by Shiva in Gangamma fair

Music director Devisree Prasad has already revealed some interesting things regarding the movie Pushpa-2 The Rule. Now he has once again responded to this film. He talked about the scene that will be the highlight of the entire movie.

Pushpa-2 has an episode of Gangamma Jatara. Allu Arjun will be seen as Gangamma’s mother in it. Devishree says that episode will be the highlight of the total movie. He says that Bunny’s performance in that episode will surprise everyone.

Shooting is currently going on for Gangamma fair. A huge set was laid for this episode. The shooting of this episode is going on among hundreds of junior artists. It is known that Bunny Getup has already been released in connection with Gangamma fair.

Allu Arjun has already responded about the songs in the movie Pushpa. He also revealed the tricky thing behind the item song ‘Oo Antawa Mama..’. Now he has also reacted on Pushpa-2 music. He says that the background score in the movie will be good and more importantly, the BGM in the interval episode will be awesome.

This movie is being directed by Sukumar. With Pushpa-1 already a big hit across the country, the expectations for Part-2 have skyrocketed. The unit has taken a lot of gap and has worked out well on the screenplay which has not been taken away from those expectations. Pushpa-2 will hit the theaters on August 15 next year.

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