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This is too much! Urfi Javed made her new dress from flies

This is too much! Urfi Javed made her new dress from flies
This is too much! Urfi Javed made her new dress from flies

TV actress and Bigg Boss OTT fame Urfi Javed is quite popular on social media for her dressing sense. New pictures of Urfi Javed often go viral on social media.

Sometimes the actress shares her own pictures and sometimes she gets caught by the paparazzi. Urfi Javed often keeps experimenting with her outfits. From plastic bags to children’s toys, Urfi has made her outfits out of many things.

No one can even think about when and what Urfi will wear to appear before the media. Now recently a new video of the actress has surfaced. This time the actress has prepared her outfit with flies. This new look of Urfi is viral on social media.

Urfi shared new video

Urfi Javed recently shared a video on her Instagram account. In the video you can first see a fly on the palm. In the next shot, Urfi is seen wearing white pants and jacket. Urfi has patched the fly design on her outfit in black color. Urfi Javed wrote in the caption of the video – “It’s good that I was not there at the time of Simar’s in-laws, Simar was saved.”

User reactions

Commenting on Urfi’s video, a user wrote, ‘Flies will now be afraid of Urfi.’ One user wrote, ‘If you see early in the morning, the whole day will be spoiled.’ One user wrote, ‘O Lord, O Hari Ram, Krishna Jagannatham Prem Nandi, what happened?’ One user wrote, ‘Only then I wonder where all the flies in my house are. One user wrote, ‘So today I don’t see a single fly in my house. One user wrote, Makkhi girl. One user wrote, ‘If Urfi puts a real fly then he would have accepted you’.

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