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“I’m not talking bad about Trisha; Can’t Apologize”

“I’m not talking bad about Trisha; Can’t Apologize”
“I’m not talking bad about Trisha; Can’t Apologize”

Chennai: Actor Mansoor Ali Khan has said that he did not say anything wrong about actress Trishav and that the actors’ union has made a huge mistake by taking action without asking her for any explanation. He also said that he cannot apologize in this matter.

Mansoor Ali Khan met the media in Chennai today (Tuesday) amid controversy over his talk about actress Trisha. Then he said, “I did not speak badly about actress Trisha. In fact, I spoke in praise of her. She should thank me for that. Actor Sangam has made a huge mistake in this matter. If there is a dispute, they should have asked me for an explanation. But they did not ask for any explanation. Wrong action on me.” “They have taken it. Within 4 hours they have to withdraw that action. People know about me. They stand by me. I am not a person who can apologize to anyone. If the volcano erupts, people around will run.”

Earlier, in the statement of condemnation issued by the Actors’ Association, it was emphasized that “when he is a celebrity who is noticed by people, he spoke without the basic sense that the comments and words he utters should be dignified. It is very wrong. We sincerely apologize to any media before which he spoke.”

Background of the controversy: In a recently released video, actor Mansoor Alikhan had controversially talked about actress Trisha. This speech was criticized and protested not only from the film industry but also from various quarters.

Condemning Mansoor Ali Khan’s speech, Trisha had said, “People like him are a disgrace to mankind. I will not act with him again in my film career.”

In this case, the National Commission for Women has recommended to the DGP of Tamil Nadu to take action against Mansoor Ali Khan. Regarding this, the National Commission for Women on its official X website said, ‘It is very disturbing that actor Mansoor Ali Khan spoke about actress Trisha.
We suggest the DGP to take this matter personally and take action under IPC Section 509B and other laws.

Such comments lead to the normalization of violence against women. This is something that should be severely condemned’.

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