The last video where actor Marimuthu spoke; Urukkam, the anti-swimming serial actress, as ‘Special Blessing’

The last video where actor Marimuthu spoke; Urukkam, the anti-swimming serial actress, as ‘Special Blessing’
The last video where actor Marimuthu spoke; Urukkam, the anti-swimming serial actress, as ‘Special Blessing’

Counter-swimming serial actress Monisha Vijay shared a video on Instagram where actor Marimuthu spoke about her before his death.

Actor Marimuthu is popular with fans as Adi Gunasekaran in Sun TV’s Counter-Swimming serial. He has acted in character roles not only in serials but also in various films. He died of a heart attack a few months ago.

After this, the fans of Counter Swimming serial are missing Marimuthu as Adigunasekaran. Similarly, his co-stars in the serial are also saddened by his absence. Although Marimuthu acted as a villain in the serial, in reality he is used to talking with his co-actors like a child.

In this situation, Monisha shared a video on her Instagram page where she wished Monisha, who played the role of Adi Gunasekaran in the serial “Adi Gunasekaran” in the serial “Adi Gunasekaran”, on her Instagram page. Monisha said that Marimuthu had sent a video for Monisha before her birthday a few months before her death.

Marimuthu says, Monisha, I like you very much. I couldn’t wish you a happy birthday in person. Monisha you are a very talented girl. That is why I am sending this video. Monisha, You are acting as my daughter in the serial. But for many days I have been thinking that in reality you were not born as my daughter. You can even say that I was jealous in a way.

Because you have so much talent. You are a well-read girl. Is it mixing on a different level in the game? I am amazed when you tell me every day how many arts you know. You and your sister Varsha, Participate in many sports. I see you as a complete woman with all talents.


You should come big in your life. Like PT Usha, Kalpana Chawla, how many women from India have achieved, I know you are going to achieve like that. Are you an actress or a fighter?? Not an athlete or an achiever? No, beyond that, I don’t know if I can achieve the third in any other skill.

Monisha you have won many medals at All India level. The more you win. That too has recently pedaled in the anti-swimming serial for six to seven episodes. I have spoken to you about it. Congratulations Monisha. You always have my blessings. Late actor Marimuthu has spoken in that video.

Sharing this video on her Instagram page, Monisha said, “This blessing will be very special for me. Coincidentally a few months ago Marimuthu sir wished me on my sister’s birthday instead of my sister. And he said keep this video for my upcoming birthday. I don’t know how he greeted me before leaving this world. May his soul bless me from heaven,” he posted with warmth. Many people are expressing their sorrows and wishes for Monisha for this post.

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