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This is how I cast Shalini! The work that the director saw in Ajith’s film!

shalini ajith: Charan is one of Balachander’s assistants. He became a director by directing Kadhal Mannan with Ajith. The first film was a super hit. So, Ajith was in the good book. If Ajith finds a director, he will continue to act in a few films under his direction.

After Kadhal Mannan, Saran directed Amarkalam with Ajith. Ajith and Shalini acted together in this film. Ajith fell in love with Shalini while acting in this film. At one point Ajith married Shalini to get her consent.

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Ajith and Shalini have a daughter and a son. Ajith is currently acting in the film Vidathila. It is being directed by Mizhesh Thirumeni. Produced by Leica Company, this film is produced by Leica Company. The film is currently being shot in Azerbaijan.

Ok.. Let’s come to the story of director Saran. After Amarkalam, Saran directed Atakasam and Asal with Ajith. It’s been 13 years since the original film was released. Due to his dissatisfaction with Saran, Ajith again did not give him the call sheet.

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In this case, Saran spoke to a media about Shalini acting in Amarkalam, ‘I have decided to cast Shalini in Amakkalam. So, I have said that there is a song sequence when he makes his debut in this film, sing it yourself’.

That’s how Shalini sang the song ‘Darara Rara Dharara Rara’ in the music of Bharadwaj. I know that Ajith fell in love with Shalini when the film was made. He posted on Twitter, “That golden fish that you caught as a bait is now in AK’s diamond tank, so that you can sing your debut song yourself.”

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