Samyukta and Biju Menon celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary

Samyukta and Biju Menon celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary
Samyukta and Biju Menon celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary

Biju Menon and Samyukta Verma are Malayali’s all time favorite star couple. Although both of them have appeared together in very few films like ‘Maja’, ‘Meghamalhar’ and ‘Madhuranombarakat’, they have managed to capture the hearts of the audience with these three films. After marriage, taking a break from movies, Samyukta is busy with yoga and more. In between, Samyukta also acted in some commercials.

It is Bijumenon and Samyukta’s 20th wedding anniversary. A note shared by actress and Samyukta’s mother’s sister Urmila Unni wishing them both on their wedding anniversary is garnering attention. Urmila Unni started her post with the title “Life is beautiful.”

Let’s read Urmila Unni’s note

Samyukta was a good boy as a child. Running fast in circles anywhere, falling and injuring your whole body is the hobby!

The school is within walking distance from the house. Leave her clean and ready for school. While walking holding my index finger, she would say, “When I was doing homework, my mother said something bad to me, thatta tai.” If you don’t like me that much, tell mom to roll it up and put it in her stomach….. I only like thattathei. When she comes back from school, her hair will be standing up as if she has been shocked. The ceiling will be covered with mud. The lace of the shoes will be tied and put on the shoulder!!

She is 14 years old. Soyukta told me while watching Hindi songs on TV. “I want you to find someone with a shiny face without a moustache. Love me”. Umachechi looked at me from the kitchen and rolled her eyes.

Samyukta became a movie star. She was busy. A friend of mine called me and said, Urmila, I hear Samyukta and Biju Menon are in love….I burst out laughing! “Chumma”!!! The first thing is that she would have even asked me if she was in love. And the one with the shiny face. But will the hairy Bijun be right for her?

Children never grow up in our minds. I just waited thinking that she will tell me all about her love.

Their 20th wedding anniversary has arrived. I asked Samyukta, how is family life going? She said; “From the moment some people come into our lives, we feel a sense of responsibility. If it feels that way, the relationship will last. Compromises for love come later. I am not right now; Tata Thai is satisfied …. I asked a mischievous question. The one with the shiny face? She burst out laughing, and then borrowed Mammuka’s words. Husband and wife relationship is not a blood relationship, but all relationships and life starts from a marriage relationship. Life is beautiful when you have a life partner who understands each other!!

“Beyond births, a copper blossom and fragrance…
(Today is the wedding anniversary)

A native of Thrissur, Samyukta made her film debut with the film ‘Veendum Chila Bhukaryaman’ while she was studying at Thrissur Kerala Verma College. Though acting for only four years, Samyukta has managed to prove his talent and win the hearts of the audience with his strong characters.

Over the course of three years, he acted in about eighteen films including Vazhunnoor, Chandranudikinna Dhikil, Nadanpennum Nattupramani, Life is Beautiful, So on a holiday, Mazha, Maduranombarakat, Swayamvarpanthal, Tenkashipatnam and Meghasandesam.

Samyukta took a break from cinema in 2002 with her marriage to actor Biju Menon. Samyukta has said goodbye to acting and is now living as a family woman. The Biju Menon-Syukta couple has a son named Daksh Dharmik.

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