I am poor but I don’t have that quality…. Bigg Boss Pradeep posted a sad post

Pradeep, who left Bigg Boss with a red card, has released a heartwarming post.

Bigg Boss Pradeep

Pradeep Antony was one of the contestants who participated in Season 7 of the popular show Bigg Boss which airs on Rivi.

While he was thinking that he was the title winner of the show, he was given a red card and sent out due to accusations made by fellow contestants.

He was sent out on charges that there was no protection for women and that he was speaking bad words. The decision left fans and many celebrities expressing their displeasure.

In this case, Pradeep used to publish posts on his Twitter account from time to time. Now he has released a new record.

Post by Pradeep

In his post, Pradeep said, “No one should give a friend request to my Instagram page. Don’t think that I don’t treat you as a friend because it’s a private place where I share my darkest moments with my friends.

Social media has many positive and negative sides, as she is not in a position to trust new friends and enter her life.

This I will bear personally. But he posted that it should not affect my family and friends.

If he claims to share important things happening in his life and misrepresents himself and engages in ‘Crowd Funding’ using my name, don’t rely on this.

I don’t have the character to take money from others to prove my art and I am poor but I have some important principle and I will not violate it.

I am happy that I have brought out what kind of person I am as a person through this show.

I'm poor but I don't have that quality.... Bigg Boss Pradeep posted sad post | Bigg Boss Pradeep New Post For Fans

No action against co-contestant… but as per Bigg Boss rules I have to admit defeat… Thanks all….

Even though I lost according to the program, I have actually won something precious.

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The article is in Tamil

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