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Musk’s anti-Semitic post sparks controversy, advertisers pull back

Musk’s anti-Semitic post sparks controversy, advertisers pull back
Musk’s anti-Semitic post sparks controversy, advertisers pull back

Elon Musk, the head of companies like Tesla, Twitter and Space X, is in controversy again. The controversy was sparked when Musk shared a tweet stating that an anti-Semitic post on X was true. Following this, advertisers on Twitter came out with strong criticism against Musk.

Controversy came when Musk commented, “You’re absolutely right,” under a post that said Jews harbor a ‘dialectical hatred’ of white people. There was a huge outcry from the White House and investors on Tess Lai and Twitter.

But Musk, who came out against the media reports, said that for the past week, fake news has been circulating accusing him of being anti-Semitic. Nothing could be further from the truth. “I wish the best, most prosperous and exciting future for all mankind,” Musk said.

Following the controversy, major advertisers on X have stopped advertising. Companies including Apple are among them.

Meanwhile, Musk filed a complaint against Media Matters for America for allegedly sharing anti-Semitic content with the ads. The complaint alleges Musk manipulated data and algorithms and shared fabricated posts to alienate advertisers and undermine X. Musk shared the order ordering an investigation into the complaint.

Meanwhile, Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino has been asked by some advertisers to resign. Advertisers told Yaccarino to resign before these controversies tarnish his reputation.

But Yakarino is not ready to resign. Linda Yaccarino said she believes in X’s goals and the people who work there. I am always committed to truth. There is no team on earth that works as hard as the one at X. As you grow in influence, there will be many detractors and distractions. But we will not back down from the mission. Thank you for your support. And Yaccarino said. This post was also shared by Musk.

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