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‘The great actor who waited to receive me at that dawn; Indransetta, only love!’

‘The great actor who waited to receive me at that dawn; Indransetta, only love!’
‘The great actor who waited to receive me at that dawn; Indransetta, only love!’

Director Dr. Biju said that after the international screening of the film ‘Invisible Windows’ at the Tallinn Film Festival, the person who came to receive him was shocked. Actor Indrans arrived at the airport to receive Biju early in the morning. Biju wrote on social media that the answer was an innocent laugh when asked why Indransettan came so hard.

Full text of Dr. Biju’s note:

An unexpected person waits early in the morning to be received at the Thiruvananthapuram airport after returning from the Tallinn Film Festival. The phone rings as soon as the flight lands at 4.20 am. Dear Indrans Chetan, I am waiting for the doctor outside. When asked why Indransettan came so early in the morning, the first answer was only a smile. When our film is screened in such a big fair, is there anyone to accept it? Anyway, I was at home, so I thought I would come and see it when the doctor came out. Director VC Abhilash informed Indretan about the flight and the time of my arrival. Abhilash could not come to the airport as he was in the hospital. Anyway, great fun. One of Malayalam’s greatest actors was waiting to receive him at dawn when he returned home after the screening of Invisible Windows, the first Malayalam film to be selected in the competition category and the only Indian film of the year, in Tallinn, one of the first fifteen A category fairs of the world’s most famous FIAF accreditation. After coming out of the airport and drinking tea from a tea shop, we left. Dear Indransetta I love you. And with VC Abhilash. Even if you can’t see it, it’s built with your mind.

‘Invisible Windows’ is a movie written and directed by Dr. Biju starring Tovino Thomas. The film received rave reviews at the Tallinn Film Festival. ‘Invisible Windows’ has been well received for its contemporary relevance and expressiveness in depicting war as a man-made disaster. Apart from Dr. Biju, producers Radhika Lau and Tovino Thomas attended the world premiere in Estonia. The film’s music has been composed by three-time Grammy Award winner Ricky Cage. The film also stars Indrans and Nimisha Sajayan. ‘Invisible Windows’ is produced by Radhika Lavu’s Ellenar Films, Maitri Movie Makers headed by Naveen Yerneni and Y Ravishankar and Tovino Thomas for Tovino Thomas Productions.

English Summary:

Director Dr. Biju opens up about meeting with Indrans

The article is in Malayalam

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