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Sudheer: When will you make a film with Rashmi? Sudheer’s answer is..

Sudheer: When will you make a film with Rashmi? Sudheer’s answer is..
Sudheer: When will you make a film with Rashmi? Sudheer’s answer is..

Sudhir answered when he will make the film with Rashmi Gautam as the heroine. He spoke to reporters on the occasion of the release of his latest film ‘Calling Sahasra’.

Internet Desk: Sudigali Sudheer gained recognition by entertaining with punches on television. He also made an entry as a hero by choosing diverse stories. It is known that Sudheer-Rashmi Jodi has special fans. If these two appear together on the big screen, the audience will go crazy. So many people are waiting to see when this couple will be seen on the silver screen. Sudhir gave a fresh answer to this.

Sudhir’s latest film is ‘Calling Sahasra’. The film will hit the screens on December 1. He interacted with reporters on this occasion. Rashmi (Rashmi Gautam) answering the question of when the film will be made as the heroine.. ‘I and Rashmi are both listening to stories. So far we have not found a story that we both like in common. If we find something like that, we will definitely act together. That proposal is there,’ he said.

ఆయనకు నా ప్రాణం తప్ప ఏమివ్వగలను!: చిరుపై వైష్ణవ్‌ తేజ్ కామెంట్స్‌

Talking about ‘Calling Sahasra’.. ‘These days if a movie is a hit the main reason is the content. It has the same strength. If you go to watch a good suspense thriller, not with Sudhir in mind, you will definitely enjoy this movie. This is my third film. It is enough if the producers get profits for my films. Also the people who came will enjoy if they talk positively about the movie. I do whatever the director says. But, I will not give any suggestions or suggestions’ he said. Directed by Arun Vikkirala, the film stars Dalisha opposite Sudheer.

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