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You have no audition, someone has recommended you, I was shocked to hear that name, Mammooka !

You have no audition, someone has recommended you, I was shocked to hear that name, Mammooka !

Chinnu Chandini is an actress who became a favorite of Malayalees with the movie Tamasha. After Tamasha, Bheem’s Way, the actor also played notable characters in Jackson’s Bazar Youth. Chinnu Chandini is playing the role of a lawyer in Jio Baby’s Kathal The Core starring Mammootty and Jyothika.

Chinnu Chandini talks about her arrival in the film Kathal The Core. Chinnu said that he initially went for the audition, but when he got there, he realized that he had been selected first. Chinnu Chandini added that someone had recommended her and when she found out it was Mammootty, she felt like she had won the award. The actor was talking to Movie World Media along with Mammootty and other crew members.

‘Dixon Chetan first calls and says that it is Geo Chetan’s picture. It is said that Mammooka’s picture is after that. I really came for the audition.

Mammootty added that Chinnu called Chandini only after she was selected for the film.

I thought it was an audition. I came for the audition scared. Jio Chetan, Paulson and Adarsh ​​were there. No one gives anything for audition. They told me the whole story. No one is saying anything and is sitting like that.

Then I realized that it was not an audition but a recommendation. I asked who recommended it. He said it was Mammooka. It was an award for me. When I found out that it was Mammooka who made the recommendation. I felt that I had reached Malayalam cinema. I felt like I was here,’ Chinnu Chandini said.

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