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Mullay actress who pretends to be dumb!.. Kavya will please Kaji fans…

kaavya arivumani: Kaavya Arivumani is a serial and film actress. He got interested in modeling while studying in college. So, he acted in some commercial films. After that he tried to enter cinema.

But the iron gates of Godambakkam were not opened to him. So, he turned to small screen serials and looked for opportunities. It was then that Bharathi Kannamma got a chance to play a small role in the serial. After that, Mullaiah got an opportunity to act in Bharati Kannamma serial.

That is, Chitra, who was playing Mullai in that serial, died suddenly and Kavya replaced her. Kavya, who acted in a few episodes, suddenly quit the serial. It was assumed that he took this decision to act in cinema.


While acting in the serial, she poses in beautiful clothes and continues to act in pictures on her social media. However, he did not get the opportunities he expected in cinema. So, recently he has started posing attractively.


Kavya’s photos showing her beauty in such a clichéd dress have impressed the youth.


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