Kriti Sanon condemns ‘fake news’, ‘I have taken legal action’

Mumbai Bollywood diva Kriti Sanon has made headlines over a media report allegedly claiming that she promoted some trading platforms on the controversial chat show ‘Koffee with Karan’ Season 8.

However, the actress has refuted the alleged claims and termed it as ‘fake news’.

Refuting false reports of her association with trading platforms, Kriti had written in a now-deleted Instagram post: “There have been several articles on Koffee with Karan spreading false news about me promoting some trading platforms. These articles are completely fake and false and have been published with dishonest and malicious intentions.

“These articles are defamatory and falsely claiming to link me to a trading platform. I have never talked about any trading platform in the show. I have taken legal action against such false articles and reports and issued a legal notice. I request everyone to beware of such false, fake and defamatory reports,” read the post.

In another Instagram Story, the ‘Mimi’ actress shared news articles with the headlines: “Kriti Sanon will have to answer for the words she said on live TV,” and “Hotstar management takes notice of incidents around her show ‘Coffee'” Declined to comment on the scandal. With Karan”.

On the work front, the National Award-winning actress was last seen in ‘Ganpat’. His next films are ‘The Crew’, ‘Do Patti’ and an untitled romantic comedy.


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