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Rakhi Sawant Live from hospital after surgery to clarify rumors about Adil marrying ex girlfriend tmovk

Whenever Rakhi Sawant’s name comes, a smile comes on her face. Rakhi Sawant’s operation was done on 30th August. He says that there was a lump near the uterus, for which he has undergone surgery. After the surgery, Rakhi Sawant did a live session with the fans. He also gave him his health update. Along with this, Rakhi Sawant also told on the rumors flying about the marriage of boyfriend Adil Durrani. It is being said that Adil Durrani is going to get married with his ex-girlfriend Rosina Delavari. Rakhi Sawant says that there is no truth in these reports. Along with this, Rakhi Sawant has made many other shocking revelations.

Rakhi got angry
Talking about her operation, Rakhi Sawant said that I was admitted to the hospital. Adil is with me. Pray for me that I can go home soon. get well soon I have had stomach surgery and am fine now. I was waiting for this operation for the last two and a half years. I could not get it done earlier because of Corona. After that I went to Big Boss. There was a lump in the stomach, which has now been removed. After Bigg Boss, I thought that I will get the operation done, but now if the time is right, then get it done.

In this live session of Rakhi Sawant, many people questioned whether Adil is going to marry his ex-girlfriend. To this Rakhi reacted and said that let people bark, my Aadil is mine and he really loves me. Adil is not a cheater. Rakhi Sawant also got a little angry in this live, when people were asking such questions to her.

Rakhi Sawant further said that every girl is after Adil, because she is smart and handsome. Rosheena is doing a publicity stunt, spreading rumors that Adil is going to marry her. Deliberately tries to tease me, Bewdi Hai Ek Number Ki. Don’t talk to me about Roshina and don’t upset me. Adil does not talk to her or call her. Roshina keeps sharing posts on her own. Along with this, Rakhi Sawant said in praise of Adil that since she has been admitted to the hospital, Adil is with her and is taking great care of her. Talking about the love story, Rakhi Sawant said that Adil will become a star. I have dug out the Kohinoor diamond. I love Adil a lot. Adil will never cheat me. Our love is very true for each other. People cheated me a lot, then God sent a good man. Those who break are thousands, those who connect are the servants of God.

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