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Famous Actor Johnny Depp Placed Diamond Necklace in Such a Place

Famous Actor Johnny Depp Placed Diamond Necklace in Such a Place
Famous Actor Johnny Depp Placed Diamond Necklace in Such a Place

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp is full of surprises. Johnny Depp, who has done tremendous work in Pirates of the Caribbean films, is also known for his affairs. In 1994, Johnny dated famous model Kate Moss. Now during a Life in Looks session with British Vogue magazine, Kate spoke about Johnny and their relationship. Kate Moss told in this interview how Johnny Depp gave her her first diamond jewellery.

Johnny gave Kate jewelery in a different way

Looking at Vogue’s photo book in the video, Kate Moss reached the page that had a picture of her look from the 1995 CFDA Fashion Awards. In this fashion show held in New York, Kate Moss is wearing a dress made by designer John Galliano. This dress was given by John to Kate as a gift for her 21st birthday. With the outfit, she wore her favorite black patent Mary Jane pumps (heels) by Manolo Blahnik.

Kate Moss completed her beautiful look with a special diamond necklace. According to Kate Moss, this diamond necklace was given to her by her ex-boyfriend Johnny Depp. Seeing the photo, the model said, ‘This was my first diamond. He (Johnny) took them out with his bomb.’

Kate further said, ‘We were going for dinner and he told me, ‘There is something in my bomb. Will you see?’ I replied, ‘What?’ I put my hand in his pants and took out a diamond necklace. This wala diamond necklace.’

There was a moment further in the video when Kate talked about her relationship with Johnny Depp. His 1994 airport look was in the book. At the time, Kate Moss was seen at the Los Angeles International Airport in a ripped white tank top, blue jeans and a leopard print bag. Looking at the photo, he told that he still has this outfit and bag.

Kate said, ‘This is a photo of when I had just met Johnny. I was going from New York to meet L.A. Johnny. This was when I was living life freely and doing a lot.

Johnny-Kate’s relationship was short-lived

Johnny Depp, 59, and Kate Moss, 48, dated each other from 1994 to 1998. Their relationship did not last long, but both maintained their friendship. Not only this, Kate Moss also gave a statement supporting Johnny in his defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp had come to the discussion recently regarding his defamation case. He did this lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard. Johnny had won in this case.

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