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New revelations are coming out every day in the case of Sonali Phogats death

Mumbai : A Goa Police team may stop in Hisar on Saturday to investigate the death of BJP leader Sonali Phogat. According to the information received, the police are going to collect evidence here. New revelations are coming out every day in the case of Sonali Phogat’s death. According to the information received, Sonali Phogat has accounts in ICICI Bank, Axis Bank and State Bank of India. On the other hand, Sudhir Pal Sangwan has an account with Bandhan Bank. Police are investigating further in this matter.

Earlier, a team of Goa Police conducted two inquiries at Sonali Phogat’s Sant Nagar residence. On the first day, only one and a half hours of interrogation was conducted, but no evidence was found in their hands. But after investigation on the next day, three diaries and lockers have been sealed there. (Sonali Phogat Death Case)

Three diaries of Sonali Phogat have come into the hands of the Goa Police. According to the family, the diary contains only Sonali Phogat’s speeches, phone numbers of party workers and leaders and some expenses. The password of the locker is yet to be known to the police.

Sudhir Sangwan knew the password of Sonali’s locker. During interrogation on video call with Goa police, he told two passwords. One password was three digits and the other six digits. However, both these passwords did not open the locker. After this, the police have sealed the lockers in the presence of the family members.

Sudhir eyes on Sonali Phogat’s wealth
The Goa Police had earlier revealed that Sudhir had a close eye on Sonali’s assets worth crores of rupees. Sudhir wanted to take Sonali’s farmhouse on lease for 20 years at any price. He wanted to secure this contract by paying only 60 thousand rupees per year.

Sonali Phogat family’s serious allegation
Sonali Phogat’s family alleged that Sangwan had tried to kill Sonali Phogat with poison before. He also alleged that Sangwan had an eye on Sonali’s property.

Sonali’s Gurugram farmhouse was occupied by Sudhir Sangwan. Sonali’s family has also claimed that no information was given about her visit to Goa.

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