adityapur demand- Demand to give additional compensation of Rs 4 lakh and Rs 20 lakh to the family of the deceased BBA student in Adityapur.

Adityapur: Former Vice President of Adityapur Municipal Council Purendra Narayan Singh expressed deep condolences on the untimely demise of 22 year old Kundan Shukla, resident of Road No. 11, due to drowning in Kulupatanga Ghat of RIT on the first half of the great festival of folk faith, Chhath. Purendra Narayan Singh, former vice president of Adityapur Municipal Council, said that Adityapur has given a promising future. Have lost my son. He said that due to this incident there is a wave of mourning in the entire Adityapur and people are heartbroken. He said that in this hour of grief, the entire Adityapur stands and will continue to stand with the family of late Kundan Shukla. Keeping in mind the pitiful financial condition of priest Ravindra Shukla, father of late Kundan Shukla, Purendra Narayan has demanded from the state government a compensation of Rs 20 lakh in addition to the amount of Rs 4 lakh to be received from the Disaster Management Department and a government job for one of the family members. .(Also read below)

He has demanded the administration to make public by putting up boards the list of swimmers (including mobile numbers) providing voluntary service in the coastal areas where people bathe in the river every day or go to the river during religious worship/festival, so that the swimmers can be identified. Immediate information can be given and if such an accident occurs, people’s lives can be saved. Because according to the information received about Sunday’s incident, it took about 20-30 minutes for the information to reach the swimmers. If the swimmers had reached in time, perhaps the young man’s life could have been saved. It is noteworthy that as soon as information about the incident was received, people from all the voluntary organizations of Adityapur immediately reached TMC. These included Purendra Narayan Singh, JACMO President Omprakash, youth leader Vishnudev Giri, Niranjan Mishra etc.

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