west singhbhum ckp chhath parv- Chhath Puja, a four-day festival of worshiping the sun with Arghya to the rising sun, concluded, people from common people to special people reached Chhath Ghat, offered offerings to Lord Sun.

Ramgopal Jena(Chakradharpur): Chhath Puja, a four-day festival of folk faith and worship of the sun, ended with the offering of water to the rising sun. On Monday, a large crowd of people gathered at various Chhath Ghats in Chakradharpur to offer Arghya to the rising sun. Devotees along with Chhath devotees arrived to offer Arghya at Chakradharpur Purani Basti Chhath River Seedhi Ghat, Thana River Muktinath Mahadev Ghat, Dandasai Ghat, Balia Ghat, Bodda Bridge, Asantalia Ghat, Pansunwa River and other river ghats. Where during the Chhath fasts, people stood in the Sanjay River and offered Arghya with milk and water while reciting complete mantras as the rising sun rose. With this the great festival Chhath came to an end. On this occasion, Chhath River Ghat, the old settlement of Chakradharpur, was decorated in an attractive manner. Selfie points were also made at various places. And monitoring was being done through drones.
Reached the river ghat on Sunday evening and early Monday morning.(Also read below)

On this occasion, MLA Sukhram Oraon, Circle Officer Girjanand Kisku, Municipal Council Executive Magistrate Rahul Kumar Yadav, Police Station Incharge Chandrashekhar Kumar and two trainee DSPs, besides other administrative officers, leaders of various political parties, social workers, members of Red Cross Society and many others were present. Devotees were present in large numbers. Patron of Sri Sri Chhath Puja Central Committee, MLA Sukhram Oraon, Ashok Shadangi, President Dinesh Jena, Shesh Narayan Lal, Secretary Sanjay Paswan, Goldie Singh, Nikku Singh, JMM Rahul Aditya, Anup Dubey, Gonu Jaiswal, Ved Prakash Das, social worker Sadanand Hota etc. had important contributions.(Also read below)

Shri Shri Chhath Puja was decorated better due to the efforts of MLA Sukhram Oraon, patron of the Central Committee. Chhath Ghat of the river was looking attractive decorated with colorful lights and fringes. A fountain was also installed in the river. On the central side of the river, among the trees and plants, statues of lion, bear, elephant, leopard etc. were made in an attractive manner, which remained the center of attraction. Central Chhath Puja Committee’s patron cum MLA Sukhram Oraon, patron cum senior BJP leader Ashok Shadangi, former MLA Shashi Bhushan Samad, social worker Dr Vijay Singh Gagrai and leaders of various political parties, workers, social workers and dignitaries reached the river ghat.(Also read below)

On the occasion, MLA Sukhram Oraon, former MLA Shashi Bhushan Samad, social worker Dr Vijay Singh Gagrai offered prayers to Lord Surya Dev. MLA Sukhram Oraon extended hearty wishes and congratulations to everyone on the great festival of faith, Chhath Puja. On behalf of the Central Chhath Puja Committee, thanks to the entire team of civil administration, police administration and Central Chhath Puja Committee for concluding the Chhath festival in a peaceful and joyful atmosphere. Gave. Central Chhath Puja Committee Patron cum MLA Sukhram Oraon, Patron Ashok Shadangi, President Dinesh Jena thanked everyone and gave thanks and best wishes to the Chhath devotees.

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