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jamshedpur jugsalai mahakaleshwar ghat: Red carpet welcome to the fasting people at Jugsalai Mahakaleshwar Ghat, MPs and SDOs were overjoyed to see the unprecedented arrangement, Sharp Bharat also served the fasting people, watch – video

Jamshedpur: A grand Chhath Ghat was prepared at Shri Shri Mahakaleshwar Chhath Ghat located in Jugsalai, Jamshedpur. This is the model Chhath Ghat of the city, about which there is a lot of enthusiasm among the people. It was inaugurated jointly by Jamshedpur MP Vidyut Mahato, Jamshedpur SDO (Sub-Divisional Officer) Piyush Sinha, police station in-charge Kunal Kumar, Deputy Superintendent of Police Aarti Kujur along with social workers. On this occasion, a service camp was organized near Jugsalai Maa Vindhyavasini Temple by the popular news website portal Sharp This was arranged with the help of Chhath Ghat Committee, in which e-rickshaws were arranged to take the helpless and needy people to the ghat. Under the supervision of Sunil Aggarwal, Editor-in-Chief of Sharp India, the entire team organized a camp here with the spirit of service. (Also read below)

Addressing on this occasion, Jamshedpur MP Bidyut Mahato said that the four-day holy festival of folk faith is celebrated with devotion and faith. This great festival not only makes us aware about our religion but also removes the difference between rich and poor caste. Praising Mahakaleshwar Committee, he said that all the people of this committee work hard for many days continuously to build Chhath Ghat and are ready to provide every kind of facility. The MP offered the evening prayer at Mahakaleshwar Ghat and also watched the final match with the general public in the courtyard of Mahakaleshwar Committee and also took a selfie at the selfie point. Piyush Sinha said in his address that in the great festival of faith, all the committees try their level best to provide facilities to all the devotees, but there is no system like Mahakaleshwar Committee anywhere. There is a team work here, which believes in working and not in complaining and prepares a very beautiful and well organized safe ghat, in which no one faces any problem even after the arrival of innumerable devotees. (Also read below)

The committee members make unprecedented arrangements. Jugsalai police station in-charge Kunal Kumar, Jugsalai Municipal Councilor’s executive officer Motai Banra, Cyber ​​Police Deputy Superintendent Aarti Kujur also addressed the function. Executive Chairman Amar Singh conducted the forum. The vote of thanks was given by Satish Goyal. For the convenience of the devotees, the committee laid clean carpets on the roads leading up to the river. Twenty-five high mast lights were installed on the same river ghat. 24 changing rooms were made for the same fasting people. The committee has made arrangements for free cow’s milk, incense sticks, Ganga water, mango sticks and drinking water for the fasting people. After the morning Arghya, tea, coffee, halwa, gram, pakodas, kheer, biscuits and drinking water were arranged for the fasting devotees with the help of Shyam Rangeelo, Basukinath Kanwaria Mandali, Saraswat Parivar, Rani Sati Samiti, Shri Brahma Kumari and other social organizations. It was done in the courtyard of the committee. The work of bringing and dropping the elderly devotees and handicapped persons unable to reach the river ghat was carried out by Toto vehicle and the committee’s own vehicle. In case of any emergency, a team of doctors along with an ambulance was present in the premises of the committee. There was a provision of mobile toilet at the river ghat itself. (Also read below)

For any kind of help, Jugsalai police station in-charge and Jugsalai Municipal Council officials were present with their team. A signature campaign was conducted by the Municipal Council to create awareness about cleanliness in the Chhath Ghat courtyard. In the arrangements of Chhath Ghat, committee patron Vijay Singh Pappu, president Veer Singh, working president Amar Singh, Girdhari Sharma, Mahesh Kheerwal, Rajesh Mengotia, scattered feces, general secretary Rakesh Singh, secretary Narayan Singh, treasurer Satish Goyal, Satish Jaiswal, Santosh Dubey, Vijan Singh. ,Deepak Haldiya, Vimal Sharma, Anil Upadhyay Manoj Sharma, Rajeev Sinha, Bunty Singh, Sanjay Singh, Sankata Singh, Anup Das, Shyam Gupta, Arun Mahato, Jitender Baranwal Sahil Sonkar, Aman Chaudhary, Sudhanshu, Ankit Rajak, Vishal Rajak, Avinash All the members of the committee including Raj Rajak, Ravi Sharma, Ramesh Yadav remained engaged.

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