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Jamshedpur mla saryu roy initiative: MLA Saryu Roy’s initiative showed positive effect, Chhath puja held in Birla temple of closed Kabul Town.

Jamshedpur: Jamshedpur East MLA Saryu Rai inaugurated various new artificial Chhath ghats of the East assembly constituency on the occasion of Chhath, the great festival of folk faith. In view of Chhath festival, Shri Rai has got these ghats constructed from his MLA funds on the demand of local citizens. Construction of new Chhath Ghats has brought a lot of convenience to the Chhath fasting people. Birla Mandir Chhath Ghat, Kebul Town Community Hall Chhath Ghat, Kanchannagar Chhath Ghat, Bagunhatu Chhath Ghat under construction in Kebul Town, Golmuri, Jamshedpur were inaugurated by Shri Rai. Shri Rai said that Chhath Ghat has been constructed in the Birla Mandir complex of Cable Town which was deserted for years and for the first time Chhath Puja is being performed by Chhath devotees. (Also read below)

He said that similarly, he has resolved that the construction of Shri Lakshmi Narayan Temple will also be completed soon and it will be established as Dev Bhoomi. Shri Rai wished Chhath fasts and devotees a very happy Chhath festival. On this occasion, mainly MLA public facilities representatives Hareram Singh, Ramnarayan Sharma, Kailash Jha, Asim Pathak, Amit Sharma, Gautam Dhar, Raju Sinha, Mangalanand Srivastava, Dashrathi Chaudhary, U Kesharma, T.N. Mishra, Saket Gautam, Vipin Jha. , Chunchun, Samaresh, Sudeep Rai, Rupesh Kumar, Naveen Kumar, Ashok Kumar, Devanand Jha, Ashmita, Vishal Tiwari etc. were present.

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