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West singhbhum child rights awareness program: MLA Deepak Birua, who reached Aspire’s child rights awareness program in Haat Gamhariya, said – It is not possible to build a better world if children are deprived of their rights.

Ramgopal Jena/Chaisa: Block level international child rights awareness program was organized by Aspire organization in Hatgamharia. Children and parents from various centers run by Aspire organization participated in it. On this occasion, the children of Aspire organization tried to make people aware by presenting a drama. Chief guest MLA Deepak Birua and special guest Block 20 Point Implementation Committee Chairman Balwant Gop, ZIP member Pramila Pinguwa, Block Chief Neetam Gagrai, Chief Jaiprakash Laguri, Chief Anita Koda, Chief Rani Melgandi were present in the program. All the guests gave information about the rights of children and laid emphasis on their education. (Also read below)

Addressing the program, chief guest MLA Deepak Birua said that children are our future, but if children are deprived of their rights then a better world will not be built. It must be committed to ensuring that every child receives his or her rights. Due to lack of awareness among parents, many children are not able to reach school. There are many challenges as well. Faced with these, there is a need to send our children to school. (Also read below)

He said that education is the first step of development. It is the right of every child to get education. Along with free education, mid-day meal, uniforms and books are also provided in government schools. Every child has the right to primary education as well as the right to be healthy and secure. The child has the right to develop in a healthy social environment. Besides, it is also the responsibility of the parents to ensure that the environment at home is safe and pleasant. It is our responsibility to know about child rights and make more and more parents aware about this subject. Only then will celebrating Child Rights Day be meaningful. On International Child Rights Day, let us pledge that we will respect child rights. On this occasion, all the officers and workers of Aspire organization were present.

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