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Jamshedpur big political fire: The link of two surveys created a sensation in the politics of Jamshedpur, who will be the MP and MLA of Jamshedpur, the link of this survey was sent to people’s mobiles, names of many leaders included, former state president of BJP included in the survey. Kale’s name too, Kale said – in his view everyone involved is more popular than him

Jamshedpur: After the Mahaparva Chhath in Jamshedpur on Monday, political activity suddenly intensified when the link of the survey of who will be the MP and MLA of Jamshedpur was sent to people’s mobile phones. In this, voting was conducted as part of a survey that who would you like to see as the MP or MLA of Jamshedpur. Whom do you want to see as Jamshedpur MP? Current MP Vidyut Varan Mahato, former MP and Congress leader Dr. Ajay Kumar, former Baharagora MLA Kunal Shadangi, Jamshedpur East MLA Saryu Rai, former Jamshedpur District President of Congress Vijay Khan and JMM. The name of leader Aastik Mahato has been given, for whom people have been appealed to vote. ,Read also below)

Many people have also voted for this survey. This happened for the first time, which increased the political temperature. By the time people could understand something, a survey came asking who you want to see as the MLA of Jamshedpur. In this, the first names included are Jamshedpur East MLA Saryu Rai, former Baharagora MLA Kunal Shadangi, former BJP state spokesperson Amarpreet Singh Kale, former BJP Jamshedpur Metropolitan President Rambabu Tiwari and social worker Shivshankar Singh. This second survey created a sensation. After this the political temperature increased considerably. ,Read also below)

A discussion was started among the people as to who is conducting this survey and which agency is conducting the survey for whom. After opening this link, the option of voting is available. The first reaction on this has come from former BJP state spokesperson Amarpreet Singh Kale. He said that the uproar regarding the above election survey continued throughout the day. Who is behind this will definitely come to light in the administration’s investigation. Mr. Kale has said that he considers this completely wrong and unfair. Mr. Kale said that in his view, everyone involved is more popular, talented and worthy than him. Especially respected MLA Saryu Roy ji is like my guardian. Mr. Kale said that he neither compares anyone involved with himself nor considers himself superior. Jamshedpur city is a family and we all will continue to work together in the interest of society. Mr. Kale said that he strongly condemns this anonymous survey which smacks of conspiracy.

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