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Jamshedpur gopashtami samaroh: In the Gopashtami ceremony of Tatanagar Gaushala, donation of cow, Tula and quarter money was organized, performances of artists in the cultural program added to the celebration.

Jamshedpur: On Monday, the first day of the two-day Gopashtami celebrations at Shri Tatanagar Gaushala in Jugsalai, mass cow worship and aarti was organized at Jugsalai Gaushala from 10 am. Women started arriving for cow worship from 7.30 in the morning. Five Pandits performed mass cow worship, in which Shri Tatanagar Gaushala Committee President Kailash Saraiwala, General Secretary Mahesh Goyal, Vice President Rajkumar Agarwal, Ravi Shankar Physika, Treasurer Kailash Chandra Agarwal, Co-Secretary Rajesh Harnathka, Rajesh Ringsiya, Anil Agarwal Monty, were present as hosts. Social workers Pramod Saraiwala, Rajesh Jaisuka, Deepak Ramuka etc. were included. On this occasion, Tula was donated by three dignitaries of the society and Saw money was donated by five people. Also, 6 people donated 11 good milch cows, out of which 5 cows were donated by Bala Prasad Kanwatiya & Sons family. Hari Sonthalia 2, Vishwanath Sonthalia 1, Pawan Poddar 1, Mahesh Aggarwal 1 and Kasta Mittal donated 1 cow. (Also read below)

104th annual convention held

On Monday evening, the 104th annual convention cum Gopashtami ceremony of Shri Tatanagar Gaushala was organized in the Shri Ram Mandir complex located in Bistupur. The Gopashtami celebration program was inaugurated by social worker Radheshyam Agarwal, editor of Uditvani. On this occasion, social worker RK Chaudhary (Biju Babu) was present as the chief guest and Rajkumar Aggarwal Chanduka and Dinesh Sonthalia were present as special guests. On this occasion, all the guests assured to provide all possible support to the Gaushala Committee and said that they will serve the cows with full dedication. Worshiping cow brings happiness, prosperity and peace in the house. Lord Shri Krishna also becomes happy by worshiping Mother Cow. Congratulating the Tatanagar Gaushala Committee, Radheshyam Aggarwal said that it is said in the Puranas and religious scriptures of Sanatan Dharma that 33 crore Gods and Goddesses reside in the body parts of the mother cow from ear to tail. Cow is the form of power. Just as taking bath in Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati washes away all sins, the mind becomes pure and new energy is gained. In the same way, worshiping Mother Cow purifies the mind and brings wealth. (Also read below)

People danced to Bollywood and Sufi songs

After the completion of the annual convention on Monday evening, colorful cultural programs started from 7 pm. The Bollywood and Sufi musical program was jointly inaugurated by Bani Narayan Agarwal, Aaradhya Agarwal and Obhi Agarwal with Deva Shri Ganesha… Ganesh Vandana. In the program of Bollywood and Sufi music, Rachit Agarwal’s team from Mumbai created such an atmosphere with their performances that the evening was dedicated to Sufi songs. Hundreds of people present danced to his songs.(Also read below)

Chokhi Dhani had special attraction

Chokhi Dhani program was the center of special attraction in the colorful evening function. At one time, 60 people sat on the platform and enjoyed delicious Rajasthani dishes. More than 300 people had food through Chokhi Dhani and the same number of people had food through buffet. The responsibility of Chokhi Dhani was performed very well by the members of the committee under the supervision of Anil Ringsiya, President of Shri Rani Sati Satsang Committee, Jamshedpur. (Also read below)

Worship and bhajan on Tuesday at Kaliadih Gau Sadan

On the second day, on Tuesday, 21st November, there will be a worship and bhajan ceremony of Bajrangbali at Gausadan in Kaliadih at 10 am. There will also be colorful cultural programs. Local bhajan singer Rohit Gulati will shower the nectar of bhajans. Prasad will be organized with the family in the afternoon. This program to be held on Tuesday will be organized with the courtesy of social workers Ashok Bhalotia and Ratanlal Mengotia, in which all the cow loving brothers have been requested to attend the program with their families on time and receive the nectar like blessings of Mother Cow. Maharas will be organized in the Shri Ram Mandir complex located at Bistupur from 6 pm on Tuesday, in which members of Delhi’s Vijay Suneja Group will present their art.

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