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Jamshedpur gurunanak prabhatpheri: Five-day prabhatpheri in Sakchi from November 22, Sakchi Gurudwara committee released the route chart, tour will be held in Guru Nagar Sakchi on the first day

Jamshedpur: Before the Nagar Kirtan on the 554th Prakash Parv of the first Guru of Sikhs, Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Prabhat Pheri will be taken out in Sakchi Gurudwara area for five consecutive days from 22nd November. The route chart for Prabhatferi was released on Monday. According to the route chart, Prabhatferi will visit Sakchi Gurunanak Nagar on Wednesday, 22nd November. Giving detailed information on this, Sakchi Gurudwara head Nishan Singh and general secretary Paramjit Singh Kale said that in the last meeting a sub-committee was formed regarding Prabhatferi, which mainly included Harvinder Singh, Preetpal Singh, Avtar Singh and Surjit Singh Chhite. was included. (Also read below)

Prabhatferi sub-committee member Harvinder Singh said that Prabhatferi will be held on the first day on Wednesday in Gurunanak Nagar Sakchi, on 23rd November in Old Kashidih and Bagan area, on 24th November in New Kashidih and Baradwari, on 25th November in Refugee Colony and Sitaramdera and again on 26th November. Will visit Gurunanak Nagar and Thakurbari Road. Sub-committee members Avtar Singh, Preetpal Singh and Surjeet Singh Chhite say that Prabhatpheri will leave for the excursion every day at 3 am, which will be organized with the help of Sakchi Stree Satsang Sabha. He said that interested devotees can contact Sangat Prabhatferi by calling number 8210248895 to invite them for darshan at home.

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