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Jamshedpur rural – The efforts of the head of Sardiha in Chakulia bore fruit, with the help of the MP, a new transformer was installed in the village.

Chakulia: A 25 KVA transformer in Dungri Tola of Pakudiya village of Sardiha Panchayat of Chakulia block and a 63 KVA transformer in front of Karu Tudu’s house for farmers doing farming work were out of order for the last few days. The villagers had informed this to Manushmudiya head Ram Murmu and demanded a solution. Shri Murmu informed this to MP Vidyut Varan Mahato and requested him to fulfill the demands of the villagers. MP Shri Mahato took immediate initiative and contacted the department and directed to change the transformer, on which the department replaced the transformer and made new 25 KVA and 63 KVA transformers available to the villagers. (Also read below)

In the joy of getting the new transformer, the villagers have expressed their gratitude to MP Vidyut Varan Mahato and the Electricity Department. On the spot, Chief Ram Murmu, Danagi Soren, Panchayat Committee member Tapas Mahato, Village Head Pradhan Besra, Gautam Mahato, Sahev Mahato, Deepak Mahato, Luthu Hansda, Pintu Mahato, Rinku Mahato, Karu Tudu, Karan Hansda, Halodhar Hansda, Sanatan Tudu, Chunaram Hansda, Salge Tudu, Raju Hansda, Tooveen Tudu, Ladhunath Soren, Kanhai Soren, Deepak Soren, Purna Mandi and others were present.

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